How to connect WhatsApp to your Fueler Profile
Team Fueler

09 Nov, 2023

How to connect WhatsApp to your Fueler Profile

Hey Fuelers, welcome to this special series of blogs. In this series of blogs, we will help you set up your Fueler account with multiple services on the web so you can leverage yourself more. 

So let’s Dive in. 

What is Fueler?

Fueler is a portfolio-based social platform for creators and makers. It's a place to showcase your work on the internet, similar to Github but for creative projects. Fueler is a community-led social platform that gives users a way to log all their creative works in one place.

How to Connect Whatsapp to your Fueler Profile? 

It’s not learning JavaScript trust me(developers will get it). So a simple 3-step Process. 

1. Login to your Fueler Profile

2. Click on the My Profile button on your dashboard and scroll down you will find social links section

3. Under the Social Links section, scroll down in the menu and add WhatsApp, then you will get a default `` in the dialog box, just after the last slash add your mobile number followed by the country code, like this `

4. Click Add, and it’s done. 

Why You Should Connect Whatsapp to your Fueler Profile

Connecting your Whatsapp account to your Fueler profile is a great way to build credibility and help potential clients reach you easily. 

Some Reasons: 

1. Increased Exposure

Having your Whatsapp number prominently displayed on your Fueler profile allows new connections and potential clients to contact you directly to discuss project details or ask any questions they may have about your services. This can lead to new work opportunities you may have otherwise missed out on.

2. Build Trust

Providing your actual phone number, rather than just an email contact, helps to build trust and transparency with visitors to your profile. They can see you have nothing to hide and are open to direct communication. Some clients simply prefer connecting over the phone, so making that option readily available benefits both parties.

3. Stay Top of Mind

Once connected, your new connections and clients will have your contact info saved in their Whatsapp chats, keeping you at the top of their minds for any future work they need help with. Out of sight, out of mind - so remaining visible and easily contactable is key.

4. Quick Response Times

Replying to messages and queries promptly is important in the freelance world. WhatsApp allows you to respond quickly and keep conversations going in real time. This can give you an edge over competitors who only provide an email contact option.

So yes it’s important.


Thank you for reading this post. Now go ahead and create a Fueler Profile, upload your projects, and get hired by brands. Do you need more help creating your Portfolio? Join our Fueler Membership and get access to Fueler Private Community + Fueler Premium + Resources and more cool things. 

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