How to Connect Fueler and Fiverr?
Team Fueler

10 Nov, 2023

How to Connect Fueler and Fiverr?

Hey Fuelers, welcome to this special series of blogs. In this series of blogs, we will help you set up your Fueler account with multiple services on the web so you can leverage yourself more. 

Let’s Dive In. 

What is Fueler?

Fueler is a portfolio-based social platform for creators and makers. It's a place to showcase your work on the internet, similar to Github but for creative projects. Fueler is a community-led social platform that gives users a way to log all their creative works in one place.

What is Fiverr? 

Entry-level website for any new freelancer coming on the internet to sell services. It’s an online marketplace where freelancers offer their services, known as “gigs,” starting at $5. As a buyer, you can get everything done, from graphics design to video editing to programming, for an affordable price.

How to connect Fueler with your Fiverr Gigs?

It’s not a long process but there are some steps involved, in a gist, there are 2 steps involved that are: 

1. Creating Custom Portfolios on Fueler or just using your Fueler link

2. Creating/Updating your Fiverr Gig

You can simply post your Fueler Profile link in your Fiverr gigs, but visitors(future clients) will just see it as a normal link. For this we have Custom Portfolios.

So let’s start with the first step, that is, creating custom portfolios. 

What is a Custom Portfolio?

A custom portfolio is a special feature for Fueler users, designed to help you showcase your best work to clients and companies. It allows you to curate a selection of your work that you know will appeal to your audience, so you can share it with them in an easy and effective way.

Imagine that a client is interested in seeing some of your design work, but you've published a lot of different projects across various platforms. It can be overwhelming to share all of these links and hope that they find what they're looking for.

With a custom portfolio, you can create a unique link that features only the work you want to showcase, making it easy for clients to view and appreciate your talents.

Example: Here is Rahul’s technical writing portfolio

How to Create a Custom Portfolio?

Here is a small video you can refer to. 

Updating your Fiverr Gig

Now you have created your Fueler profile and made some Custom Portfolios. Now time to update your Gig. But before updating let me share some tips so you can create an amazing and compelling Gig and attract clients. 

1. Describe your gig in detail and make an effective title

Help buyers understand exactly what you’re offering by being very clear in your gig description. Mention your service or product's specifics, deliverables, and timeframe. 

For example, “I will record a 30-second voiceover for your explainer video in 24 hours.” Use bullet points to highlight key details.

Here is the title I used for my SEO gig:

2. Choose eye-catching images

Select images that showcase your work and make your gig visually appealing. For a voiceover gig, use a photo of a microphone. For graphic design, show samples of your work. Images should be high quality and help your gig stand out.

Here is an image I used for my SEO Gig:

3. Set a competitive price

Research similar gigs to determine a fair price. You want to price competitively while still making a profit. 

For a new gig, start on the lower end of the range. You can always raise your prices as you build reviews and credibility.

4. Build your reviews

New sellers should offer discounts or free trials to first buyers in exchange for an honest review. Aim for at least 10 reviews as quickly as possible. Reviews build trust and credibility, leading to more sales.

Here are your basic tips on creating a compelling gig, now time to use your Custom Portfolio link we made above but before that learn how to Structure your Gig Details, here is a graphic to help. 

Here is a sample of how these structures will look in your Gig. 

Following these steps will help you create a compelling gig that attracts high-quality buyers. 

And that is how you can use Fueler with your Fiverr Account and attract clients. 


Thank you for Reading. On Fiverr most people don’t see your profile, what they see is Gig and the reviews on it. I get it you don't have reviews, but what you can do is optimize your Gig. A short simple and to the point gig helps the visitors to judge fast and talk with you. 

Happy Selling!

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