How Technology has Revamped our life?

16 Nov, 2021

How Technology has Revamped our life?

Whenever I hear someone from generation X/Y saying "how Technology has changed our world in the last two decades".

I ask them what are the changes you are experiencing that you hadn't experienced when you were a child?

Most of the reply I have got for this is that,

  • There was a time when everyone in one of us used to go out for any type of tasks. Now you can control every possible tasks that can be done by smartphone is under your thumb.
  • Whole has become a single playground only because of social networking tools.
  • Gaming industry is booming in every corner of the world. No one is interested in outdoor games.
  • The Library has lost its existence when everyone has started preferring electronic books of hard copies.

It's just a small brief. There are many industries that have been impacted by Technology.

But, we can't deny accepting the truth that is Technology revamp is not completely bad either for us or our world.

Because, one major change that has happened because of Technology that is "Our life has been easier than ever before".

You no longer have to worry about your fooding, living, traveling, entertainment, etc.

Everything is just a few finger taps away.

What's your take on this, Technology is bad or good, or it's impact in the last two decades?

Most of the technological advancements has happened in the last two decades specially for dot com revolution.

If you go back in time and study about the existence of Internet, you will found that "There was no existence of Internet 25-30 years ago".

Eagerly waiting to know your thoughts on this, Let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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