How Krishna Got Internship at Growfix Just by Sending an Email?

08 Nov, 2021

How Krishna Got Internship at Growfix Just by Sending an Email?

Firstly, Heartily Congratulation to KrishnaLohia for getting an Internship at GrowFix.

Krishna is a first year student studying Accounting and Finance. He has keen interest in Startups, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Marketing and Reading.

His first brush with entrepreneurship was when he got a chance to stand a food stall in a school event. He started and set up a stall with his friend. He sold out all the sandwiches within half-day and made a profit of about 1600rs. Since then, He started doing side hustle in school and college and eventually got interested in the startup ecosystem.

Besides, He is really passionate and curious to explore every expect of Startup ecosystem.

What was your approach to get an Internship?

I thought if I am applying at a startup I should be well aware of what business the startup does. I narrowed down to a list of what companies I want to intern at and what I want to learn to help me grow.

And sent out cold emails to the founders. 5 didn’t reply, 2 said we will connect in the future, 2 rejected me and only 1 agreed to have a chat with me.

Which company agreed to chat with you?

It was GrowFix, a new platform for unique debt assets that are secured and deliver higher returns than FDs.

Who interviewed you at GrowFix?

It was @ajinkyamkul, Co-founder of GrowFix.

What email did you sent to GrowFix? Can you share the snap?

Yeah, Sure. This was the mail I wrote to Ajinkya, quite long but wanted to work him desperately.


How was your interview session?

It was really exciting, Ajinkya spoke to me about my future plans, what I do every day, how did I hear about the company, how did I get interested in the world of finance and startup. I did one more thing to stand out of the crowd👇

I changed my zoom background to a plain background showing all my abilities and achievements (Got this idea from @warikoo‘s video).


What’s the one mistake did that you can share with us?

I had emailed a bunch of Founders/VC firms for an internship but didn’t personalize some of them or didn’t do any background search about the startup.

Thank you, Krishna for sharing your experiences with the world. Your experiences would be helpful for every aspiring individual who is coming into this industry.

And, All the best for your future. Always be growing.

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