How Did I Make My First $100 on the Internet?

04 Jul, 2022

How Did I Make My First $100 on the Internet?

While I was in my last year of graduation, I started writing blogs and spending time on LinkedIn. 

I didn't start with the goal to make money, I kept writing blogs on the internet for 6 months. 

With every new blog, I used to come up with better versions than the last blog. Slowly it started becoming part of my life. 

And, one-day serendipity showed its magic and received a call from one stranger, who was looking to hire me as a content writer, just because he liked my writing proof of work I have been posting for the last 6-8 months. 

I was literally surprised to receive a call for an opportunity. 

It was a $2000 budget project, so I was confused about whether to say "yes" or "no" to the opportunity. Because I had never written for any brand earlier. 

After hours of overthinking, I called again and said yes to the opportunity. 

Let me tell you why I said, "Yes"

I could have said no because I wasn't confident whether I will be able to deliver the work at their expectations or not. 

But, I chose to say yes because they were already impressed with my proof of work, so I shouldn't miss this chance. 

And, apart from money, I was going to discover a business world of writing. And, that was far more important than thousands of dollars. 

Because once I learn "How to write that sells?" I can do the same for other brands also. 

Luckily, through this opportunity, I got to learn about business writing, and how to write something that will trigger people to buy the product and take interest in the offerings. 

You never know from which direction, opportunities would be coming to you. But, to see that happening, you have to create proof of work and show it on the internet (Fueler can be used for that)

And, this all happened in the first phase of COVID. At the time when the economy was going down, everyone was losing their job. 

A few lessons from this experience that have helped me make more money by leveraging the power of proof of work

  • Create proof of work around anything you love learning about. 
  • Don't just keep your projects in your local system, publish them on the internet, use super easy tool. 
  • If you are just starting and getting any opportunity, don't miss that. You are going to figure out many things on the go. 
  • Opportunities automatically get attracted, when you can show your proof of work. 
  • Don't take someone for granted, whether it's an opportunity or a stranger
  • Don't risk a good relationship just because of money. 
  • You are going to make way more money than you can think of, it's just you have to stay hungry for that.
  • Be flexible with anything new, figuring out is a great skill you can adopt.
  • Making money on the internet isn't a game that you will win in the first move, it may take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th . . . . 

No matter what domain and skills you have, already master two more things that are, 

  • Getting things done
  • Figuring out things

These two skills have infinite rewards that you will get to see in the journey. 

Writing Portfolio using Fueler

Writing Portfolio using Fueler

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How did you make your first $100, would love to know, let's connect

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