Fueler.io Monthly Review | January 2023
Aquib Jawed

05 Feb, 2023

Fueler.io Monthly Review | January 2023

Hello Friends

Greetings to you all πŸŽ‰

As we start off the new year, we are proud to bring you the latest developments and improvements in Fueler. From increased functionality to enhanced user experience, we have been working hard on it. 

So without further ado, let's dive into the exciting updates we have in store for you this month.”

What’s New 🀩

  • We have upgraded the analytics feature for premium users, which includes a Total Profile Views block, Total Proof of Work Published, and Total Kudos received block. In addition, a project details section has been added, which lists all the projects along with their views and kudos received.
  • We have also launched a new side hustle – Learnn – which is a complete list of resources and freebies on the internet.

Improvements πŸ“ˆ

  • Various under-the-hood improvements.
  • Dropdown-toggle updated for profile referrer section in analytics page
  • Meta-Image updated for Discover Page
  • The β€œUseful Links” background color updated to differentiate it from β€œMy Collaborators” in a user profile
  • Dashboard Options updated for the mobile navbar
  • β€œManage Work” was replaced with β€œManage Projects” in User Dashboard

Bug Fixes πŸͺ²

  • Fixed an issue that is preventing users to publish their pow from their timeline page.
  • Fixed publish date of blogs in the fueler blog
  • Fixed on click event of the dropdown toggle for profile referrers in the analytics page
  • Fixed broken links in the side-hustle page
  • Fixed and improved the search query method for the discover page
  • Fixed a bug, that was showing a 500 error to some users after login
  • Fixed an issue, that was blocking automated premium expiring notifications from being sent.
  • Fixed a bug, that was displaying a blank user’s bio even after editing it.
  • Fixed the β€˜Last 7 days’ filter option in the Profile Referrer section

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements! Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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