Fueler.io Monthly Review | February 2023
Aquib Jawed

04 Mar, 2023

Fueler.io Monthly Review | February 2023

Hellooo Friendss 👋

Greetings to you all 🎉

This update covers Fueler's activities in February 2023.

The company announced its Fueler Membership, hosted a blog writing challenge and released an eBook on making $100 online.

Fueler also formed partnerships with Bluelearn and NoCode Weekend and hosted a variety of sessions on topics such as design, community building, and writing.

The team welcomed two new full-time members but also had to say goodbye to a valued contributor.

Let's get started with:


While we were in the mid of February and focused on upgrading and improvising the tool for a better experience, one day suddenly we got an email from AWS regarding the pending bills of $500.00 and everything changed. 🤯

Long story, as we’re bootstrapping, we didn’t have that much amount of money to pay, and we’re left with none other than a server migration. And we’re migrating to Azure.

So here are some updates on the product.

What’s New 🤩

  • We have added User Growth Chart on Live Page (https://fueler.io/live) to show the growth of users since May 2021.
  • We’ve added a new section on the home page with the title ‘World’s Only Repository of Proof of Work’.

Improvements 📈

  • Various under-the-hood improvements.
  • Project Proof Link added in the image of POW on the project detail page
  • Performance Improved: Removed all the unused files.

Bug Fixes 🪲

  • Fixed an issue that is showing private work on the discover page upon search.
  • Fixed a bug, that was showing a 500 error to some users after login
  • Fixed a server issue related to a service worker, that was blocking automated notifications
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the CK Editor was not loading in the form to publish education.


  • We are 500 members strong on Fueler Community (WhatsApp). We are soon hitting 1000 and might not add more folks further. the agenda is to create super super value for 1000 folks inside. help create pow and a lot more - one word: create ABUNDANCE for them
  • We added more than 100+ new Proof of Works to our ideas page
  • Only 296 proof of work has been published this month. The numbers are down by almost 40%. This is due to the series of new experiments we did. We are going to improve this number by this month. Strategies in place
  • We announced our Fueler Membership - a community for the ambitious. Please DM if you want to know more about it.
  • We hosted a 5 days Blog Writing challenge https://twitter.com/FuelerHQ/status/1623641625951113217, more than 70 people showed interest
  • We announced our eBook on how to make $100 Online, which got good Twitter audience reach




  • Session on Design, skills related to it, and how you can build your career around it
  • We took our first session on community building, and more than 30+ People joined
  • Cold Emailing sessions by Roohi, she runs a podcast and has interviewed some of the best investors and startup founders.
  • We had a session on Path to make millions with writing by Anshu


  • Prantik and Prince joined us full-time. It all started with Discord and Twitter conversation.
  • We have to part ways with Susmita, she made a significant contribution to Team Fueler

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements! Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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