Fueler.io Monthly Review | April 2023
Aquib Jawed

05 May, 2023

Fueler.io Monthly Review | April 2023

Hello Friends

Greetings to you all 🎉

In this edition of Fueler Update, you'll find updates on the community for developers and knowledge workers.  The update includes information on product features, bug fixes, challenges, sessions, and community news. 

The article is full of exciting updates and achievements, so keep reading to learn more about what's been happening in the Fueler 😉.


  • We went on Shark Tank India :P
  • Prantish did a Case study on Fueler organic marketing. You can read it here. 

Proof Of Work Wins

  • Harsh Mishra shared his wallpaper Proof of Work on Fueler and got 13k kudos. Crazy isn’t it?
  • Keerthan published the Proof of Work where he wrote copy for Groww(that generated 10,000+ Likes), check it out here.
  • Dr. Aniruddha Malpani shared about Proof of Work and its importance using Fueler Graphics.


  • We started three more community groups for content writers and marketers
  • Content Writer Group
  • Hacker Group
  • Marketers Group
  • Community members roasted them using memes when someone used other tools to create a portfolio instead of Fueler 😂. What’s a big win than this? A supporting community.
  • Adnan Sami shared his pizza gift for getting us 5 members at midnight to get to a 25-members

  • Speaking of our WhatsApp group, did you know? We have 8 Aditi’s, 12 Aditya’s, and 2 Mehul’s in our Fueler Community? and some Rahul’s too.
  • Abhinay Mandla, one of our community members, organized a niche clarity session for our Fueler members. The energy of Abhinay resonated with many of our community members, and the session proved to be insightful and thought-provoking.
  • We had a discussion on how to network with people, with Roohi sharing how she got the best out of it. Several members also shared their own networking hacks, which was insightful and valuable.
  • 💼 We had a discussion on how to increase proof of work bio details, which was helpful for those looking to improve their profiles and showcase their skills.


  • Fueler hits 10k.


  • We are also proud to announce that we are now sponsors of Jadavpur University events.
  • We made some fantastic Social Media Header Design Templates as that is the first thing anyone sees when they come to your profile. Get it from here


  • We started hiring within our Fueler community, and we are proud to announce that Sharvin and Pranav have joined our team as social media interns. They both worked hard while pitching their proof of work, and we are excited to see what they will bring to the table.

Product Updates

  • Proof of Work without a thumbnail won’t get published on Fueler Discover, please add a relevant thumbnail while publishing your Proof of Work on Fueler.
  • We’ve migrated Social Preview Image from S3 to Cloudinary
  • Social Preview Image Updated. Now you can see the bio under your name in it.

Bug Fixes & Improvisations

  • A bug that was showing drafts blog on the blog’s home page has been fixed.
  • A bug that was preventing the creation of a Social Preview image has been fixed.
  • Fueler Community Link Updated, Now you can access it from here
  • UI/UX Fixes in various pages for a smooth experience.

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements! Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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