Fueler.io for Marketers — Guide to creating your profile on Fueler.io

03 Aug, 2022

Fueler.io for Marketers — Guide to creating your profile on Fueler.io

We are writing this guide to help you make an engaging profile on Fueler.io. This is based on a series of experiments we have done to create an effective profile of our users.

Here’s an exhaustive list of works you can showcase if you are a marketer.

📊 Case Study Blog on brands [Metrics, KPIs, any key milestones]

📜 Pitch Deck [Branding, Proposal, Case Study]

📱 Any social media page [Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any platform]

🚀 Web Design Works [Custom, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Carrds, Webflow or any framework]

📺 Youtube Channel where you share anything about marketing

🌏 Community You have created

📚 Ebooks or Books

📑 Blogs

🗞 Any Guest Blog post on any reputed platform

🔥 Digital Marketing [Works, Experience]

There are countless options you have to add to your Fueler.io Profile. Anything relevant to your field that adds credibility to your profile you can document on your Fueler.io Profile.

Fueler.io is a platform that helps individuals in showcasing their proof of work. A platform where aspiring individuals get inspired by discovering inspiring individuals and their best works.

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