Fueler vs Other Portfolio Tools and Builders
Riten Debnath

23 May, 2024

Fueler vs Other Portfolio Tools and Builders

You probably have thought about this when you came across Fueler for the first time. You must have thought - how Fueler is different? what extra do we get in Fueler? or questions related to it?

Hey everyone, my name is Riten, today I'm going to help you understand the difference between Fueler and the other portfolio builders and tools out there available on the internet.

- Fueler is a portfolio platform to help you create a beautiful and professional-looking portfolio, hence your projects published are discovered by others = more opportunities for you

- Fueler allows you to create custom portfolios (curate your work for specific clients, pitch with relevant work), create private portfolios (which you can share privately)

- Similar to LinkedIn, your Fueler portfolio is SEO optimized and ranks on search engines (Google Drive, Doc, Notion indexes too, but they are built for something else and not for portfolio)

- Fueler as a platform, you can learn from projects (proof of work) published by other community members. Fueler Disover is like Youtube for Proof of Work/Projects = you can collaborate, discover, and connect with folks based on their projects created and published. In a way you can think that portfolios on Fueler are interconnected to each other and you can connect and collaborate with anyone you wish.

Here's a simple diagram to help you visualize:

Here are some platforms to help you understand how Fueler is different from each of them:

A. Fueler vs GitHub

If you have heard of GitHub before, then let me give you an analogy. Fueler is like GitHub but for folks who are not just into coding. or if they are from a marketing and writing background. Imagine if there was something like GitHub but for marketers and writers, you can manage your projects, make private portfolios, and share work publicly (with zero learning curve - unlike Wix and other portfolio builders)

B. Fiver and Upwork

If you are confused with freelance marketplaces like Fiverr & Upwork - members on Fueler publish their projects to validate their skills, unlike Fiverr where the central focus is on selling gigs. One is built for portfolio purposes - hence can be shared everywhere on the internet irrespective of the platform you are in, whereas the other is built for selling your gigs.

C. Fueler vs Behance

You can document case studies and articles on Fueler. Also, we all know Behance is built for design and related fields.

the differentiation with Behance will be:

  1. Fueler is built for writers and marketers, Behance is for designers
  2. Fueler helps you create custom portfolio, private portfolio - Behance doesn't have a custom portfolio (you can only make projects private)
  3. fueler allows you to work with companies using your proof of work or assignments, there are two entities a. users (create portfolio) and b. companies (hire with assignments), behance has teams but for portfolio purposes and posting jobs.

That being said, even designers use Fueler because of the liberty to publish their projects other than design projects like case studies, articles, newsletters, podcasts, coding projects, landing pages, audits, social media strategies + the ability to create custom portfolios, and private portfolios + working with the company by submitting assignments.

D. Fueler vs Google Doc

Google Docs is a word processing and document creation tool. It's great for writing, editing, and collaborating on text-based documents like essays, reports, or letters. Whereas Fueler is a portfolio building and showcasing your work. It focuses on presenting information visually and professionally to impress potential clients.

Your projects on Google Doc are not discoverable unless you share it with someone. But with your projects published on Fueler, you are expanding your luck surface area, where others can discover you and connect with you.

E. Fueler vs Google Drive

Google Drive is general-purpose cloud storage for personal or professional use. You can store all kinds of files, documents, photos etc. Whereas Fueler portfolio creation platform specifically designed for freelancers and creative professionals. It allows you to showcase your work in a curated and professional way.

Similar to Google Doc, your projects on Google Drive is not discoverable by anyone hence you cannot inbound opportunities compared to when your projects are published on Fueler. They are exposed to a wider audience - where decision-makers like clients and employers can find you and offer you opportunities. Here's a classic example of that.

I hope all the above points were useful to draw a conclusion on what makes Fueler different from the rest of the portfolio tools and builders out there on the internet. You can checkout our Hall of Fame to discover some of the best portfolios on Fueler.

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