Fueler Partners with Christ University
Team Fueler

02 Apr, 2023

Fueler Partners with Christ University

Fueler is collaborating with Christ University students to help them create and showcase their proof of work so that they can make money. This collaboration includes group sessions and content initiatives designed to empower the community.

About Christ University

Christ University is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make an effective contribution to society in a dynamic environment.

What is Proof of Work?

Proof of Work is the representation of the knowledge and skillsets you claim while approaching an opportunity. 

It can be the shareable link you get after building a project whether it's design, writing, marketing, nocode or development work.

Proof of work is your own published work. When you learn something new and create a project or a product out of it, it is proof of work. Proof of work could be your work from design, writing, marketing, nocode or development.

Why should you care about it?

Proof of work is proof of capability. It demonstrates skin in the game. And it is the leverage you create for yourself. You increase your value by putting your blood and sweat into creating unsexy but useful stuff. You eventually get paid well for it, since that’s what is required in solving real business problems.

About SPOC

Aditya Mulukuri is a generalist, currently studying Business and Management (BBA) at Christ University. 

He is a content creator, podcast host, and web3 enthusiast, and have a keen interest in design and project management. He is also building and experimenting few startups in multiple industries.

And he successfully hosted a podcast that ranked under the top 50 in multiple countries on the Apple charts called The Adiverse.

He also hosted the first offline meetup within the college campus where he discussed Proof of Work, skills, money making, new trends, and career paths with or without Proof of Work, etc.

Picture from Christ University Meetup

Picture from Christ University Meetup

As a genZ guy, he always digs rabbit holes with curiosity and enjoys living every moment, He’s currently sharing everything he found interesting on his blog adityamulukuri.com

We are looking forward to hosting:

1. Educational and fun sessions

2. Niche expert talks

3. Proof of Work Challenges

Interested in hosting Fueler Learning Pod at your college? 😍 

Please fill out this quick form and our team will get in touch. 

Special thanks to Prince for writing this blog, he is truly an amazing guy who keeps coming up with new marketing ideas.

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