Are You Confused? Fueler is for whom?

20 Apr, 2022

Are You Confused? Fueler is for whom?

Recently, we have been observing this weird behaviour where people are getting confused about whether Fueler is made for them or not. 

Whether it's for Designers, Developers, Artists, Photographers, Marketers or any other domain.

So, let's clear this out. And, if you are having a similar question. This blog will answer that. 

Fueler isn't for YOU,

  • If you are someone who isn't interested in learning a skill, 
  • Someone who isn't interested in making money with their skillset,
  • Someone who doesn't get curious about creating things
  • Someone who hasn't any dream to achieve
  • Someone who is not looking to land opportunities

Fueler is for YOU, 

  • If you are someone who is actively creating projects
  • Someone who is looking for opportunities
  • Someone who is curious about creating something
  • Someone who has dreams to achieve
  • Someone who loves helping people

Fueler is designed in a way that anyone from any domain can showcase their best work and create an impressive work portfolio. 

It can be folks coming from Design, Development, Marketing, Photography, Artistic or any domain you can think of. 

In our life, we set priorities for everything, like a priority for our health, entertainment, food, education and most importantly that we forget more often that is our work. 

It's your work, "what you do" that gives you an identity, your skills, knowledge, mindset, and thought process. 

So, why shouldn't there be a place dedicated only to showcase your best work? Your best works are presentations of skills you have, the knowledge level you have, it shows what you are capable of doing.

When you showcase your best work on Fueler, you allow serendipity to start doing its job. 

Let me tell you how, when you start showing your work on Fueler, companies/decision-makers/professionals with opportunities start discovering you based on your showcased work. 

When your profile matches someone's requirements, you get the opportunity. 

Other than that, team Fueler picks your profile and connects with the brand whenever they get a requirement from the brand, it can be an internship, full-time job or freelance projects. 

In the last 3 months, we have sent 280+ opportunities directly to individuals' mail, whoever has showcased at least one of their proof of work on Fueler. 

Still have questions, please do share them with us. 

You can drop a mail at or you can DM us on Fueler Twitter handle

Thank you for reading, see you in the next blog :))

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