Fueler Freelancing Checklist

03 Nov, 2021

Fueler Freelancing Checklist

Travelling to an unknown place with a map become a lot easier than traveling without any guide.

In a similar way, getting started with freelancing and landing the first gig is not less complex than climbing Mount Everest.

Choosing freelancing as a career has never been so easy. Kick-start your freelancing journey by checking into this checklist πŸ‘‡

πŸ”² Pick a niche

πŸ”² Define your ideal client

πŸ”² Pick your hourly rate

πŸ”² Prepare a list of the marketplace for freelance projects

πŸ”² Create your website and online portfolio

πŸ”² Create Examples of What You Can Deliver

πŸ”² Set up your social media accounts

πŸ”² Figure out your social media strategy and branding

πŸ”² Learn How to Pitch Yourself

πŸ”² Create proposal and invoice templates

πŸ”² Set up systems for managing communications

πŸ”² Set up your time management systems

πŸ”² Set up your payment systems

πŸ”² Mention Potential Clients in Your Content

πŸ”² Don’t forget to take care of yourself 😌

Let's Begin πŸš€

All the best πŸ™Œ.

Thanks for reading, keep fueling ⚑

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