Do You Love Your Work?

20 Nov, 2021

Do You Love Your Work?

I am assuming that you are someone who is either working or studying.

Have you ever asked yourself that “Am I enjoying, whatever I am doing or pursuing?

If you answer “YES” then what’s the one thing you love about your work or study? Let me know in the comment below. 

If you answer “NO” then have you thought about “Why is it so?”, “What can be the reason that you are not loving whatever you are doing?”, “Why you wish for some miracle to happen that will save you from this work life?”, “What you can do get out from this?” and “How to fall in love with whatever you will do or wanted to do?

Is it your monthly salary stopping you to get out from that life?

Is it your lack of confidence?

Is it your lack of exposure mindset?

Is it your comfort zone?

There can be any reason and this may vary from person to person because everyone lives a different life, different dreams, different mindset, different vision. So, the varying reason is obvious.

It’s you have to answer these questions to understand and find out, what’s the thing that is stopping you or lacking in your life. That thing is the reason, you have been kept away from the thing you wanted to do or you love to pursue.

Tell me one thing, “Have you ever fall in love with someone?”

When you fall in love with something or someone, you do not put extra effort into doing anything to feel that love and that’s the magic of being in love.

It becomes part of your life, part of your priority list when you fall in love.

You do every possible and impossible thing to be in that feeling over your lifetime. That being in love gives you the energy to pursue that work, encourage you to put your whole focus and energy in that work. 

So, when you do what you love to do or pursue, you do not pressurizes yourself to finish that work, you do not look for excuses to stay away from that work.

This is not something you know from your birth that I am born to do this/that.

I have heard some people saying, “I am born to be a movie star, piolet, teacher, etc” but later in life when they find something else that interests them to put their energy and focus. 

It’s you who discover, what you want to do or pursue in life.

Either you love to pursue your career in Photography, Dancing, Moving making, Technologist, Coder or anything else.

Read different books, network with people, explore different domain.

You are going to get what you would love to pursue.

All the best.

Thanks for being with me.

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