Discover One Amazing Creator Everyday #Story01
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15 Oct, 2021

Discover One Amazing Creator Everyday #Story01

Today’s story is about a guy who draws his own path to achieve his dream.

I am telling about him because he didn’t only draw his own path, but he also sticks to that path and achieved what he had dreamt of.

There are millions of people who dream something every day, every night. But, only a few of them able to achieve their dreams and that make their journey inspiring.

Satyam kept faith in himself. He believed in his power of creating. He keeps learning, keeps creating until his works didn’t show up to people.

A few years back, while he's graduating from XYZ college, he got to know about Ranveer Allahbadia, a YouTuber who make videos related to health, lifestyle, a self-made internet entrepreneur. The way Ranveer has shaped his life, every youth of our country must explore every video he has uploaded.

Whenever my friends tell me, it’s really hard to quit porn, alcohol, smocking, non-veg, I show them BeerBiceps videos.

If you haven’t heard of this name, you must have heard BeerBiceps or Monk Entertainment. These are media brands own and run by Ranveer and team.

After knowing about Ranveer, Satyam (the Story Guy) became his admirer. And, he dreamt to work at BeerBiceps as a Graphic Designer.

You must be asking why did he choose Graphic Designer?

Basically, Satyam has been learning and making cool stuff in graphic design domain since his school days, and he is passionate about his works, his Creatives.

If you are also interested in Graphic designing, look into this YT channel.

Like every one of us, Satyam was also not able to saw a defined path that will help him in getting the job at BeerBiceps.

1 Day gone, 1 week gone, 1 month gone but Satyam wasn’t able to figure out how to get there.

After spending, hours and hours brainstorming. Satyam came up with an idea to use the social platform as his work portfolio.

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Saytam Works: theranveershowlessons

Satyam had figured out that if he has to crack his dream job, he has to show the world, what he can do, show how creative he is, show what problems he can solve through his design skills.

And, from that day Satyam decided to publish all of his work through an Instagram page.

As a graphic designer, he has to show his works through picture and there can’t be a better platform than Instagram for this purpose.

Wait a sec,

Do you enjoy a movie/story that has no suspense, drama? No naa?

The same applies to someone’s journey of achieving their dreams. A journey without obstacles become boring.

There was another challenge showed up in front of Satyam. Now he wasn’t able to understand what he should make or design that will attract monk entertainment team’s attention or Ranveer’s attention.

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Saytam Works: theranveershowlessons

Every person or company have something that makes them different in the world and when you approach that person or company by mentioning their unique quality they feel overwhelmed and happy.

In Monk Entertainment, every member of the team is a hustler. And, why they wouldn’t be when their sharthi(Ranveer) himself is a very hard-working guy.

So, by figuring out this problem, he came up with the idea to present Ranveer’s journey and his daily life through Satyam Design skills.

He started coming up with creative ideas to present Ranveer’s journey in an amazing and cool way. And for that Satyam applied all his Graphic Designing skills, presentation skills, storytelling skills, video editing skills, social media page managing skills and a lot more.

He kept doing this till his works started building his identity in the internet world. And, finally, the day arrived when he finally got Ranveer’s team attention, and he received an interview call.

This was not the end of his journey. It was a start.

You must have heard this beautiful quote:

An ending is a new Beginning.

After getting his dream job, the story guy started putting 101% focus and effort to make BeerBiceps videos more amazing.

Message from Satyam:

Have faith in yourself, don’t do something if you are not loving it. Do something which you enjoy doing. Your college degree, school marks don’t matter. The only thing that matters is whether you are skilled or not, you are capable enough to handle challenges or not.

Just keep becoming a better version of yourself. All the best.

Thanks for reading.

If you know anyone whose story must be shared like Satyam, let me know

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