Discover One Amazing Creator Everyday #Creator61

16 Jan, 2022

Discover One Amazing Creator Everyday #Creator61

When you think of folks who are crazy about building cool things, who comes to your mind?

Rishi is one of the crazy creator who have been building really cool things that solves a few major problems in our life.

Let’s discover the journey of this amazing creator 👇

Q. As you are currently building “Kizie”, curious to know how your journey as a creator started?

A. It started with me just wanting to learn stuff like JS, HTML, CSS by building stuff :)

I've been doing this since 4-5 years now, it is fun to be working on some project and discover its possibilities and how people would use it.

Q. How did you make your first $100?

A. I haven't made my first $100 through Saas yet, but way back when I was still in school I made my first $100 through Adsense cheque :D

Q. What’s that one thing you want to achieve in 2022?

A. In 2022 I want to test my marketing skills, see if I can actually convert JS to $$ building my own apps

Q. What’s the one mistake you have done and will advice others not to repeat that?

A. One thing that I've been experiencing is to get lost in building stuff, I mean it gets too much to the point I don't know what's going in the world out there, it still is the case, and it leads to burn outs!

Being good with the fact of not being productive is a trait to learn!

Q. Do you read books? Which book are you reading these days?

A. Yes, mostly fiction, sometimes self-help! Recent one is "As a man thinketh", I like to read romantic novels to get some inspiration 😅

Q. Which one book you have fall in love with?

A. A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner, Selected Poems by Gulzar are the ones I can remember, kinda read poetry too

Q. What do you love to do when not working? Any hobbies you want to share?

A. I’m usually travelling, trying cafes, restaurants, taking photos when I’m not working

Q. Can you name three Creators on Twitter that inspire you most?

A. A lot of people I follow on Twitter are truly inspiring and here are three of the amazing ones,

  1. Rauno Freiberg,
  2. Tobias van schneider
  3. Emil Kowalski

Q. What’s something you learnt/realized recently that you wish you learnt/realized much earlier?

A. A bit of Node.js and backend, I wish I had learned it earlier. In general, marketing. I am still learning it but learnt some new stuff I wish I knew earlier.

Q. What would you recommend to others who are looking to start their careers in the startup/SaaS space on how to go about it?

A. First things first, begin with basics. Learn HTML, CSS, JS and try to BUILD.

People think apps can only be built using React or Angular etc. That’s not correct. You can build simple apps with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript too. And when you try to build, you explore more and that leads to more focused learning.

Also when you build things, share your achievements, issues on your Twitter which is also called build in public.

When you share the updates on Twitter you tell people a journey of evolvement. And you would be surprised how many of your followers would be a part of this journey. And this is a personal experience.

So learn basics, build as many ideas as you can, and share the journey with others.

Q. Suppose there is a big whiteboard in front of you. What’s the first line you would like to write?

A. Do Something.

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