Discover One Amazing Creator Everyday #Creator11

07 Nov, 2021

Discover One Amazing Creator Everyday #Creator11

Welcome Readers,

Today’s story about a guy who helps entrepreneurs starting their ventures, a guy who is ready to be part of collaborative projects, he has also been recognized as one of the top @ProductHunt community members over the years.

Adithya is currently busy with multiple things,

  1. He is working on ways to empower non-technical people to become creators and makers through the right resources and support, so he is creating India’s first community of NoCode makers and creators.
  2. Next, he is working on a new set of videos and re-recording some for a resource he had pre-launched during the start of Q4'20 and launched it for everyone at the beginning of Jan’21. This resource is a fool-proof approach to assist the first-time app and SaaS founders, makers, developers achieve noticeable launch traction within the first 72 hours of their product launch. He has put-together this based on the experience of launching 100s of products over the last 3–4 years and also being one of the top Product Hunters globally.

Q. What’s that one thing you want to achieve in 2021?

A. I have planned to build a no-code community that is at least 1000 members strong by the end of the year with a minimum of 50 impactful no-code projects launched by these members.

And when it comes to my startup launch system, would like to help first-time founders (could be solo-devs & makers) achieve a milestone of at least $1000 MRR for their subscription products.

I am not a vanity metrics person, instead I measure success based on the impact made or revenue generated — ultimately these are the two things that justifies our time and effort as creators.

Q. What’s that one thing you are most curious about?

A. I get curious based on the trends I see (which I note down to revisit later), as of now I am curious about how tech and tools would enable people to become independent makers and creators in a matter of few hours to days and not months or years and earn their first internet dollar. I would say now is the time to take the plunge and explore ideas > dust it off your digital shelf > get your maker cap on and implement.

I am also a believer of the quote “Never judge a book by its cover” so I am always curious to know the story that has made the person they are now — it could be about their struggles, wins etc that has shaped them. Need not be a rags-to-riches story, but everyone can have something that would inspire others.

Q. What’s the one mistake you have done and you advice others not to repeat that?

A. I took the entrepreneurial plunge because I was focusing on multiple things and wanted to create something of my own. Do Not Do This.

My advice for anyone would be “FOCUS on ONE thing”.

Become a specialist before you aim to become a generalist.

Q. What do you love to do when not working? Any hobbies you want to share?

A. I enjoy documentaries/info series a lot. The way I relax or spend time when I am not working is by watching some amazing series on AppleTV+, DocuBay, Discovery+, Netflix or my latest hangout Curiosity Stream. Series or episodes like:

  • Earth at Night in colour on AppleTV
  • Connected -2020 on Netflix
  • Arial India on Discovery+
  • Pompei on CuriosityStream

I am not an avid reader at all, so I enjoy series and videos as I have mentioned above. However, my current read is “The Power of ONE thing” — the initial few chapters helped me realise the mistakes I committed by multitasking or focusing on multiple things in the first few years of my career.

Q. Why did you choose to become a creator? How do you see yourself differently than the rest?

A. I choose to become a creator, because of the “FREEDOM” that it offers.

You can explore an idea that you got last evening > explore it today > create or build it tomorrow and share it with the world the day after.

I don’t see this happening if I am not a creator or a maker, and it is one of the reasons I have taken up — the goal of enabling more non-tech individuals to become creators even without any coding or design skills.

And speaking of being different from others, I am unique in the way I think from the user’s or consumer’s perspective first before creating something (including a design, e-book, a campaign or a blog post). This applies to suggestions and strategies that I give to founders during consulting hours too — “think from the other person’s shoes, and you will do the right thing that seizes their attention.”

Q. What would you recommend others who are looking to start their careers in the startup/SaaS space on how to go about it?

A. If you are looking to start your career in a startup, go ahead without second thoughts — just make sure there is a strong match when you compare your skills, interests and passion to that of what the startup is solving. Otherwise, chances are that you might end up not adding value after a point to the role or the team.

But if you are considering starting up directly with you any solid career experience of at least 5–7 years — I would say DO NOT unless you have a team with complementing strengths and smarter than you in different ways.

Being part of a startup or building one is a risky bet — make sure you have your options open before you take the plunge.

Q. Suppose there is a big whiteboard in front of you. What’s the first line you would like to write?

A. Avoid getting into analysis paralysis mode if you are planning to create something, first shoot and aim later because learning is a perpetual process.

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Projects by Adithya

  1. Indian NoCode Club

India’s first NoCode community of makers & creators by NoCodeology.

Join here, please mention that you are coming through KiwisMedia for priority access:

2) Open Source Stash

The easiest way to find free and open-source alternatives for commercial software. Save costs if you are starting off with your dev, design or creative journey.

It was the top 7th Product of the day on Product Hunt and was the top trending post on Hackernews for 3 hours with 250+ points.

The whole project was built without code.

3) PH Mastery

A comprehensive resource to achieve 10x launch traction, put-together for first-time founders, devs or no-code makers launching.

Are you a creator or maker coming through KiwisMedia?

Here is something special for you for a limited time — get more than 50% off on the above resource using the code “KIWISCREATORS” and FREE 1-to-1 to assist you for the launch of your project/product. (Indian creators can DM @adithyashreshti for an Indian payment method is required).

Featured on

1) Product Hunt@adithyashreshti has also been one of the Top Product Hunt community members for the year (for 3–4 years in a row).


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