Community discussion with Isaac Zara on "How Works?"

07 Nov, 2021

Community discussion with Isaac Zara on     "How Works?"

How would you react if one morning you woke up in a totally new world?

It will be scary, exciting, fun right?

A few days back, I got a DM from Isaac Zara(Founder of Creative Discourse) about asking me “Would you be interested in taking a session on How works with our design community?”

After overthinking for a few minutes, I agreed on this we scheduled it accordingly.

And, finally, the time arrived, and I was very nervous about how it’s going to happen, what I will say and all. After a moment, I was in the discord server around design community members from Creative Discourse.

Isaac started introducing, and we began the session and after hearing Isaac, I was literally amazed to see the way he introduced it and the point he mentioned was exactly aligned with what we usually convey to people.

Within the next moment, We planned to make it both way to conversation, and continue this as a Q&A where Isaac will ask me questions around and I have to answer accordingly.

Q. What is the meaning of

A. It’s meaning — a platform that brings up good news. Which is derived from Kiwi fruit resembles good news and Media = platform.

Q. Where does the idea come from and how it started?

A. started by solving the personal pain of not being judged or recognized by works an individual has done and after studying and surveying we came to know there is a market for this and here we are.

Q. How an individual can get benefited from

A. is a platform where an individual can make a log of all their work published in different platforms in no time and the best part is they can discover other interesting minds through their works.

By showcasing proof of works at one place it helps them in sharing about all their works using one link and based on that they can start attracting opportunities.

Q. What do you look into an individual while hiring?

A. It’s very simple whenever we have any position open, we onboard new members by working with them. It’s not always a success parameter for us, but somehow it helps us understand someone better when we are playing the real game of working on something together. So far it is working well for us. And besides, we are always open to collaborations. Our team is always ready for that.

Here’s our thought on building #TeamFueler

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Q. How someone can get VIP access?

A. If that person knows the website URL then they can submit an invite request and get access otherwise just DM on Twitter handle.

Q. What’s your role in

A. I am a content creator and marketer, I create content based on different requirements and handle distribution.

This was an exciting conversation. Hope we will plan more like this very soon.

Thank you.

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