Build Something Every Weekend

17 Nov, 2021

Build Something Every Weekend

I got this idea from a tweet from this very famous person, His name is Sahil Lavingia. He is the founder of Gumroad(This helps all types of creators earn a living selling what they make directly to their audiences).

We live in a world where consumers are way more than creators. 

According to the 1% rule, 99% of the population consume content created by 1% of the population.

If you are someone who adds values or creates something, builds something, designs something, writes something, in any context then you are the one I am talking about. You are the people who come under 1% of our world’s population.

In a specific way, someone who has tags like DesignerWriterPainterDeveloperPainterBuilderCreator, etc.

You should work on forming a habit to build something every weekend and show that to the world using any of your favorite platforms.

Building something every weekend is kind of tedious task. But, I am here to give you a system by which you will simply able to build and ship something every weekend. 

This system has been named “Sprint”. 

A Sprint is basically a five-day process for solving problems and testing new ideas. Written by Jake KnappSprint.

Five Days Flow of Sprint

Sprint allows you to build your ideas and test it at the end of 5th day. And, check whether it worked or not. By, doing so you will be able to ship something every weekend.

Building something every weekend will also allow you to understand this market and what you should build that will attract traction from the targeted market.

Once you got an understanding of the market and formed a habit of building something every weekend, now you have given yourself the freedom to launch and test anything in the market.

You must explore the “Sprint” Book to understand this concept.


References I have taken helped to write this story.

1% rule (Internet culture)

What percentage of your people create 90 percent of the value?

The Design Sprint

The Remote Design Sprint Cheat Sheet

Happy Building.

Thanks for being with me.

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