Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue25

08 Nov, 2021

Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue25

In this blog, you are going to explore the top 5 side projects of the day.

Here are the projects of the day:

1. Type Studio

A tool that helps you in translating video in different languages.

Thanks to the team(JanAlexMarvinErikMichael) for coming up with this.

2. Teamo

A tool that helps you in creating a virtual card for different occasions like birthday, farewell, promotions, etc.

Thanks to Alexandra Yeo & Jason Lin for coming up with this.

3. Historical Animated GIFs

Find cool historical animated GIF.

Thanks to Jan Antonin Kolar for coming up with this.

4. Laserhouse

You must have observed trend of laser light profile pic on Twitter, now you can also make your profile also like them, here is the app that helps you in making laser eyes profile maker.

Thanks to gitmerge for coming up with this.

5. UX Database

Find free curated product design resources & tools.

Thanks to Juan Jesús Millofor coming up with this.


Which tool did you found useful?

And, don’t forget to follow these amazing people mentioned above. You will learn a lot from them.

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