Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue22

08 Nov, 2021

Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue22

In this blog, you are going to explore the top 5 side projects of the day.

Here are the projects of the day:


A tool that helps you in removing the background of an image.

Thanks to Eric Le & Jenn Pereira for coming up with this. Kiwismedia

2. Artify

Find amazing 3D lettering alphabets. 3D lettering set includes over 260 quotes, numbers & letters — 5 different 3D styles in 4k resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Thanks to Juan Sarmiento for coming up with this.

Artify Kiwismedia

3. Videofork

A tool that helps you in creating animated explainer videos.

Thanks to Jaga Deep for coming up with this.

Videofork Kiwismedia

4. Nyus

When news channels show garbage, creators like Puru comes to rescue us. Nyus let you Explore the latest news in the form of memes

Thanks to Puru Thakkar for coming up with this.

Nyus Kiwismedia

5. Shapefest

Find amazing collection of 3D shapes for different purposes like Presentation, motion design, web page design, etc.

Thanks to Joseph Angelo Todaro for coming up with this.

Shapefest Kiwismedia

Which tool did you found useful?

And, Don’t forget to follow these amazing people mentioned above. You will learn a lot from them.

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