Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue08

08 Nov, 2021

Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue08

In this blog, you are going to explore the top 5 side projects of the day.

Here are the projects of the day:

  1. TabTrum

Have you ever struggled in finding a web page?

But didn’t able to find after Scrolled history page, pressed Ctrl+T infinite time?

Don’t worry, This tool is here to help you just take a step and take the snapshots of the page you want to revisit.

A tool that helps you in saving ’n’ tabs easily.

Thanks to Shuvam Manna for coming up with this.

TabTrum || Kiwismedia


2. All Design Events

Hey, All Designers out there,

I have a cool tool for you that helps you in finding design events around the world. Just share your email and start getting updates into your mailbox.

Thanks to Shubham Bhatt for coming up with this.

All Design Events || Kiwismedia

All Design Events

3. FlickSeeker

I always struggle to find the best thriller movies but now have tons of collections.

A tool that helps you in discovering movies by your mood or feeling.

Thanks to Shridhar Gupta for coming up with this.

FlickSeeker || Kiwismedia


4. BoringDay

Are you feeling bored?

Pick an activity from Boringday and perform that. This tool helps you in suggesting different activity ideas to do when you feel bored.

Just shuffle and get a new idea.

Thanks to Shivam Dhruva for coming up with this.

BoringDay || Kiwismedia


5. Twitter Free Morning

I don’t know whether Twitter fans are gonna like it or not. But, everyone must try this once. A tool which hides your Twitter feed until noon every day.

Thanks to Austin Moninger for coming up with this.

Twitter Free Morning || Kiwismedia

Twitter Free Morning

Which tool did you found useful?

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