Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue07

08 Nov, 2021

Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue07

In this blog, you are going to explore the top 5 side projects of the day.

Here are the projects of the day:

  1. Unfollow Everything for Facebook

Day by day, Facebook is becoming a platform where people do not want to spend their time especially when it started becoming ads platform instead of networking or entertainment platform.

If you are struggling to clean your Facebook, This tool is here to help.

Thanks to the creator. If anyone knows who has built this, please tag or let me know.

Unfollow Everything for Facebook || Kiwismedia

Unfollow Everything for Facebook

2. Swipe-Worthy

This tool is a gold mine for every digital marketer & copywriter. This has amazing collections of marketing and copywriting inspirations used by different brand around the world.

I am not able to find its creator if anyone knows please tag him or let me know. I have become a fan of this tool. Thank you, creator.

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