Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue06

08 Nov, 2021

Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue06

In this blog, you are going to explore the top 5 side projects of the day.

Here are the projects of the day:

  1. ilo · Better Twitter analytics

A tool that helps you in understanding your Twitter audience by showing detailed analytics. This tool helps you in tracking contents engagement and give deep insights to help you create better contents.

Thanks to Dan Rowden for coming up with this.

ilo Kiwismedia

ilo · Better Twitter analytics

2. Aggy’s Picks

A tool that has collections of more than 500 amazing articles from different domains like Marketing, Startups, Development, Fundraising, Design, Product Management and many more.

Thanks to Abhishek Agarwal for coming up with this.

Aggy’s Picks Kiwismedia

Aggy’s Picks

3. Designershumor

This is a blog which has amazing contents like blog posts, memes for designers to have fun.

Thanks to Dáithí for coming up with this.

Designershumor Kiwismedia


4. Emojipedia

Have you heard of Wikipedia?

Today, I have Emojipedia for you. A tool that helps you in searching for emoji based on a different scenario.

Must look into it’s Latest News section. It has some mind-blowing insights.

Thanks to Jeremy Burge for coming up with this.

Emojipedia Kiwismedia


5. Clubhousebio

This tool is especially for clubhouse fans that help you with generating cool and fresh bio for your clubhouse profile.

Thanks to Jan Rüttinger for coming up with this.

Clubhousebio Kiwismedia


Thanks for reading.

Hope you have found these helpful. Don’t forget to follow these amazing people mentioned above.

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