Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue02

06 Nov, 2021

Best Side Projects of the Day #Issue02

In this blog, you are going to explore the top 5 side projects of the day.

Here are the projects of the day:


This project helps us in generating a cover image for our next blog post. We can easily get a neat and clean designed blog image from our next writing.

Thanks to Rutik Wankhade for coming up with this.

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It is a tool that helps us in relaxing by giving an environment to practice different breathing techniques to calm our mind.

Thanks to Geeky Chakri for coming up with this.

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This tool helps us in accessing free API from different domains like education, health, Security, etc. You just have to select a domain you are interested in, and it will show you an available list of APIs.

Thanks to Rutik Wankhade for coming up with this.

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I have been waiting for this since last month, but this is finally live. This tool helps us in scheduling Tweets.

I really loved the psychology behind this tool. By using FeedHive, You just have to think about valuable content creation and apart from other stuff like sharing those contents with the world you can leave on to this tool.

Thanks to Simon Høiberg for coming up with this. I have personally become fan of this.

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This tool is a mine of ideas. There are around 3000+ super cool ideas. If you struggle to generate ideas, try this you are going to love this.

Thanks to Daithi.

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Thanks for reading.

Hope you have found these helpful. Don’t forget to follow these amazing people mentioned above.

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