Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Creating Your Career Portfolio
Team Fueler

30 Jan, 2024

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Creating Your Career Portfolio

How would you feel when you get to know you missed deserving opportunities just because of a few minor mistakes?

Frustrating? Angry? Self-doubting?

You don't get to feel any of those negative emotions that's why I am here to help you pointing out mistakes you should avoid before you miss the chance.

1. Not adding email or WhatsApp in your bio

This is the first and foremost thing you should be doing while creating your portfolio, add your email and WhatsApp number or social profile links in your bio. 

What will be the point of putting hard work into creating an attention-grabbing portfolio if you don't give the visitor your point of contact? 

Here is how you can add your email/WhatsApp to your portfolio

Go to Edit Profile -> Social Links section -> Click on drop-down -> Click on Add after filling the input field

2. Publishing Proof of Work without description

Let's play a quick quiz, which one would you trust more? A or B?

The obvious answer would be "B", right?

The same thing happens when a client or an employer discovers your portfolio. A well-documented work always gets prioritized.

3. Mentioning private links in the portfolio

There are many portfolios we have come across that haven't made their work link publicly accessible.

These minor mistakes cost badly, so please check them whenever you are publishing any new work in your portfolio.

4. Keeping your best Proof of Work privately

Always prioritize showcasing your best work to the public, you have no idea how many opportunities passed your way because they didn't see something appealing in your portfolio.

Instead of keeping your best work private, please them on platforms like Fueler, so that your potential clients can discover you through your work and can reach out to you for opportunities.

5. Lengthy bio

No one is interested in reading 100s of lines in your bio, you only have 3-5 seconds to tell the visitor who you are, and what you do. Here is an example,

I have been helping people in setting up an impressive portfolio which has helped them grab well-paying opportunities. Let's get on a call if you are also facing any challenges. Book a free call.

See you over the call :)

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