30 New Year Resolution Ideas for College Students | Fueler.io

07 Nov, 2021

30 New Year Resolution Ideas for College Students | Fueler.io

The new year is already here and like every year you are planning to have new year resolutions. Here we have prepared a list of 30 resolutions along with the reasons why you should make it your resolutions. Making resolutions are not enough, you need to follow a disciplined in order to achieve your goal by the end of the year. So here is the list of 30 New Year Resolution ideas to help you become the best version of yourself.

1. Improve your diet plan

First thing first, getting a check in your diet and having an eye on the calories you are consuming is extremely important. Sometimes we don’t get to have a hand on how much calories we are consuming and end up having a lot of junk. Replace your meals with lots of veggies and try having dry fruits during hunger craves. After all, health is the only wealth we all have got but sometimes it gets very late to realize that.

2. Do exercise regularly 

Exercising is extremely necessary. It is almost like mental math for your body. Like the brain, it also needs a bit of brushing up. Yoga is the best way to start your day. If you feel yoga is way too boring, go for Zumba with an upbeat. Or a quick run or a walk up a nearby store instead of your car can do as well. Taking stairs instead of lift also helps your body to work it out. You don’t just need to hit the gym for exercising.

3. Maintain a journal

Based on an article by psychologist and researcher Courtney Ackerman, journaling requires the application of the analytical rational left side of the brain. While your left hemisphere is occupied your right hemisphere, the creative side is given the freedom to wander and play allowing your creativity to flourish which can be cathartic and make a big difference in your daily well-being.

4. Take out time to write down a planner

Planning out the chores of your life helps you to be organized and disciplined, which is the main key mantra to be successful. Writing the important deadlines and making a to-do list will help you get a better grip on your work schedule. Crossing out once a task is done will give you unspoken satisfaction. Missing out on important tasks will be a rare case.

5. List out all your expenses

Get a grip on your expenses. Make a budget with the necessities and try to stick to that. It will help to save more money. And at the end, reward yourself with something big and feel the difference.

6. Do take out time to clean your workspace regularly

We love to jump on the made-up bed, love to enter a tidy room or dig into nicely garnished meals. Similarly, a clean workspace gives you an extra boost to working and can help fight with Monday blues. A few posts its with important tasks or a little plant on your desk can create an aura and give a little sunshine to your space. 

7. Work on your hobby once a week

Do you remember writing essays on your hobby? Singing, dancing, painting, playing football and whatnot. It is a very rare case if your passion ended up as your career. Why not go down the lane of your long lost hobbies? It must be a rejuvenating thing in your hectic work schedule. Sit one Sunday afternoon with your hobby and explore your inner peace in it.

8. A day once a week without your phone

I know life without a phone is extremely difficult even to imagine. But a day without it may give you to detox yourself. Try reading a book or exploring your long lost hobbies instead. Grab a cup of coffee and go out in your balcony watching the sunset outside. Spend some quality time with yourself.

9. Have a date with yourself once a month

This sounds funny and intriguing at the same time. Go out for dinner or cafe or to a park but not with anyone. With yourself. This may help you to lead a confident life and help you to self-sufficient.

10. Arrange your room every morning

After waking up making the bed, arranging the shuffled books and making your study table ordered, folding your clothes and vacuum cleaning your room and making it tidy will give your day a kick start in a good way by feeling more organized and focussed. 

11. Drink two glasses of water every morning immediately after waking up

Drinking water just after waking up even before brushing is extremely healthy. This habit is as healthy as it is sounding gruesome. It keeps away many problems and helps in blood flow in the skin and releases toxins from the system.

12. Do experimental cooking once a week

This is essential for people who cook. Trying out something interesting may give your life a refreshment. Enjoying the little moments in life is extremely important.

13. Walk for 10 minutes after meals

Walking after meals speeds up your metabolism, provides better sleep, lowers blood sugar helps in reducing weight and improves blood circulation. Making this a habit helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

14. Get a hand in updating yourselves with the news every morning-

Get a habit of reading the newspaper after waking up in the morning. There are also apps available these days. Or just hear the news by asking Alexa or Google assistant if in case you run out of patience. 

15. Do junks once in a while

Junks are nothing but killers. But our taste buds crave for those and we can’t help it. So avoid junk as much as possible. It also leads to wastage of money. 

16. Dinner before 8:00 pm

Eating an early dinner is something one tries to adopt if he or she is health-conscious. It can encounter weight loss and hence reduces the risk of obesity. It also reduces the risk of cancer. This habit improves mood and energy levels and helps with better sleep. It also improves heart health.

17. Starting the day early

As told in the proverb, the early bird catches the warmth is exactly what happens in real life. Beginning your day early gives an extra boost to your energy and you may end up being less sluggish. You feel the day fresh and most importantly, you get an ample amount of time to start your day and do not follow up feeling rushed.

18. Give a shot to experiments

Do experiments with whatever you have an interest in. It can be cooking, sewing, dressing up, just go for it. Slash out your wings. The bottom line is life is too short. Just don’t restrain yourself from being yourself. You may end up with something extraordinary.

19. Explore your creative sides

Go for being creative. Our hectic lifestyle has failed to bring out our creative side. Go for painting, writing stories or contents. This will make your brain’s right hemisphere active and you will feel your mood lifting quickly and you may end up feeling less fatigued.

20. Keep your passion alive

It is a very rare case that you get to work for a living as your passion. So, give time to your passion as well. Do that parallelly with your work life. This will make you feel more alive.

21. Get a Doctor for regular visits

It is extremely important to pay heed to your health. Do check regularly you have your blood sugar level or blood pressure level under check. Or if some disease is growing inside you and acknowledge it before it gets too late.

22. Gift yourself a small reward every month

We all love new stuff. Give yourself a small gift. Like a dress or a box of cookies or buy a new phone cover. This may break the monotony of life.

23. Change the pattern of your bedroom

According to psychology, changes are good. This is another way of breaking the monotony. A bedroom is a place where you come after a tiring day. Your own burrow. Go for changing the curtains, add new cushions, add a plant, add furniture or remove one or may change the whole set up. 

24. Go for vacationing

Traveling is something we all love. Break the monotony again by going on a tour. Beaches or mountains can do wonders for your mental health and especially if you are dealing with stress.

25. Make reading a habit

Reading is a habit which even teachers in our school life, also recommended. But reading is such a busy schedule may almost sound impossible. But trust me, do that and feel the difference. Pick a book of your choice and spend your morning tea or coffee with the book or go to sleep with it.

26. Visit a therapist if you are dealing with difficulties

Every person on earth should visit a therapist. No one is completely happy in their lives. But we don’t end up there. We have the power to deal with our own problems. But if things are getting out of hand, one must visit without a second thought without being ashamed of it.

27. Go more for veggies

Add more greens to your diet regime. This will help you to lose weight and make your skin more healthy-looking. Vegetables are a great source of healthy nutrients like fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin A. 

28. Learn a new thing

Try new things. Maybe learn to play a new instrument or a new language. Explore a new unknown side of yours. It helps you self aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

29. Try to get to rid of your addictions

Addictions can be anything. Be it gaming, smoking, drinking or using your phone. Everything goes well until it becomes an addiction. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

30. Try to stick to your resolution 

The last but most importantly, try to stick to the firm decision you took and try to fulfill it. Don’t let this year go in vein-like every other and again wait for another to come. The resolution doesn’t need a new year. It requires your determination. 

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