10 Skills You should master to 10x your income in 2022

26 Dec, 2021

10 Skills You should master to 10x your income in 2022

Arming up with skills that makes you financially independent is the ultimate goal our generation is trying to achieve.

But, we are distracted by all the noise around us and the bad part about it is it doesn’t let us focus on high-income skills. Even if we learn them, it’s hard for us to upskill and

Today, I am here to give out all the skills that you can learn. Mastering these skills will help you 10x your income in 2022.

Let’s discover the skills 👇

1. Copywriting

When you go out and look around, there are ads at every 3–4 steps and each of the ads tries to communicate with you and welcomes you to make them part of your life. 

And, that communication is possible because of someone’s copywriting skill. 

This is not just when you go outside, you also get to see ads on social media platforms, websites, shopping sites, each of these places have words that communicate with you, whenever you go around.

Are you getting the infinite leverage of learning this skill?

There are millions of brands around the world and each of them needs someone to help them make communication with their prospects and that is possible through your copywriting skill. 

2. Web Development 

Imagine a situation, you are onboarding on a flight and I called you for help, but you wouldn’t be able to guide me on a call and in the next few minutes, you shared a guide with me, who has been written by someone else. 

But, do you think, it would have been possible if someone hadn’t developed that website and I would have been struggling with my issue?


There are billions of people facing trillions of problems and there are companies, individuals coming up with websites or mobile applications to help them solve their problems. 

And, solving them are becoming possible only because someone is out there with the skills to develop a web application. 

3. UI/UX Designing 

In the era we are living in, “What is seen is sold” and if you wouldn’t be able to showcase your offerings in a visually appealing way, then it won’t attract people’s attention, and ultimately it won’t spread around. 

By having UI/UX Designing as a skill, you make a software application attractive and sellable. 

A web or mobile application without good design is just an application that is living on the hope that people may come to them and explore what they are offering. 

4. Digital Marketing 

You might have heard this popular quote “If I built it, people will start using it”, but unfortunately this is one of the most rephrased quotes in the startup world. 

“If you built it, you also have to market it and that’s when people might start using it”. 

As we see, everything is coming on the internet, brands look for individuals to help them spread words on the internet, distribute their products and show their offerings to the world by doing digital marketing. 

5. Selling 

The world’s economy is running only because of a group of individuals who is dedicated to selling. 

If a sale would not happen that means companies will not make money and if it isn’t making money, no will get any money and this cycle goes and goes. 

Selling is a skill through which you convince a person in front of you to buy a particular thing and for that, you do different things and try out ways to attract their attention and close the deal.

6. Data Analysis 

There is a term in marketing called “Data-Driven Growth”, brands collect different sets of data and perform data analysis and come up with a decision that will give them growth. 

By learning this skill, you can help brands in offering better services and selling their products. 

7. Researching 

It’s the core skill of anything you choose to pursue in life, whether you choose to become a designer, writer, marketer or photographer, having researching as your skills will give you infinite leverage. 

Researching is a skill that teaches you about patience, focus and helps you become more curious. 

8. Video Editing 

If you observe in the market, you’ll get to see that, video form content is the most preferred content on the internet because it takes less than a sec to engage people other than an image or a writing format content. 

Did you ever think, why do brands invest a big amount of money on video ads? 

It’s because they understand human motivation and how to stay engaged with each second. 

And, apart from all those, YouTube is there to give you infinite leverage, if you watched a video that can be better, just come up with your version and share it with the YouTuber and this is how you will be able to capitalize your skill. 

9. Meme Marketing 

This list is lonely without memes as a skill, Meme has become a medium of communication for every netizen. 

Don’t know where does it come from, but it’s of the coolest invention by human being 😅

If you explore a brand’s social pages, you will find most of the brands are switching into meme marketing and understanding its power of leverage. 

Skills to master at in 2022 | fueler.ioExample of How Spotify is leveraging it

Whoever hasn’t started leveraging it is being left out and sooner or later, they are also going to make it part of their marketing. 

Do you love making memes? Share your favourite ones 😋

10. Community Management 

“People follow people”, and where ever they will go, more of them will get attracted and that’s how a community get formed. 

Building social following, email lists are becoming part of traditional marketing and brands are starting to leverage community building as a new marketing channel. 

There is a tribe that follow a brand, in marketing term people call it “Targeted customers” and every brand have their own tribe based on their products or offerings, building a community is like staying connected with your tribe 24/7 and whenever you feel, communicate with them.

And, with community building, community management came into the role, an individual that will be responsible for engaging into the community, organizing different activities and many more things. 

Basically, by arming this as your skill, you become responsible for keeping all the people in the tribe engaged in the community and do not let them go away. 

Which of the skills you are going to learn? 

Thank you for reading, keep fueling ⚡. 

Please let me know if there will be any way I can help.

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