10 Habits That Will Make You a Creative Creator

03 Mar, 2022

10 Habits That Will Make You a Creative Creator

Creative work is something that you can’t produce forcefully. It requires your unconscious brain that help you come up with creative work. 

And, to see that happens you have to surround yourself around habits that will train your unconscious brain for that level of creative work. 

That’s why today we will be discussing 10 of those kinds of habits that helps you become a creative creator. 

If you have no idea, how habit-building impacts your growth as a creative creator, give this a read. 

1. Read books

If you observe, what’s that one common habit in world’s richest persons, you will discover, it’s daily book reading. 

No matter what their age and how much money they have made, they still spend time with books. 

Recently I came across this beautiful paragraph around book reading, 

2. Write regularly

Do you know how to think? Most of us don’t know, how to think, we just keep going with the flow. 

But, when you start writing, you learn to structure your thoughts and how to present them in a better way, so that anyone can understand them. 

As a creator, writing should be part of your daily routine, because it helps you craft your thoughts in the best possible ways. 

3. Try new things

Every day, try to do a few things that you haven’t done before. It can be things that scare you, like reaching out to people, having a conversation with strangers, solving rubrics cube, etc. 

You have to pick the things in which your brain muscles are coming in the role. 

4. Ask tons of Questions

“Curious makes you smarter". The numbers of questions you ask, the more smarter you become. 

As a creator, you need fresh ideas to do things at best whatever you are creating around. 

So, Whenever you ask questions, your brain starts searching for answers to those. This whole process makes you smarter.

5. Stay Healthy

If you believe it or not, the level of creative work you produce is directly proportional to how healthy you are. 

A healthy body produces better creative work than an unhealthy body. 

So, in your daily routine, give at least 30–40 mins to daily exercise and mediation. 

6. Observe and take note

There are millions of things happening around us, but it’s very rare that we get to see more than 5–7 things. 

But, once you adopt the habit of daily reading and writing, you will be able to see things that normal eyes can never see. 

So, whenever you observe something, take note of it and go through them later. 

7. Celebrate small milestones

We have always been told that achieve big, celebrate big. But, there are so many small milestones that give us happiness and we never celebrate them. 

So, no matter how much small the milestone is if it’s something that has helped you in growing, celebrate them. 

For example, you took the challenge to write for the next 30 days continuously and if you complete it successfully then reward yourself. 

8. Build a Feedback Loop

We all are social animals, without social validation it’s hard for us to breathe, especially if we are into the creative ecosystem. 

Constructive feedback makes your creation journey smoother than you can imagine. 

That’s why you need to build a feedback loop that will keep your creator journey moving. 

9. Organize time effectively

As a creative creator, time is your currency far more valuable than dollars. 

Whatever you are doing, learn to organise time effectively, the more time you saves, the more crazy things you will be able to do in your daily life. 

10. Network with strangers

This is one of the habits that has infinitely ROI. I personally have built this habit and discovered so many amazing things happening after introducing this habit into my daily routine. 

The best part about this is that you never know, which person has the pot of gold. You will be surprised and happy after connecting with so many amazing folks we are surrounded with. 

To start this, I would suggest starting connecting with like-minded folks on Twitter. It’s the best place where curious, ambitious and creative people spend time together. 

Which of these habits are already part of your daily routine? 🙈

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