Letter Co. by Zoravar

Letter Co., by Zoravar. 

(Instagram @whozoravar)

At Letter Co., Zoravar attempted to write handwritten notes and letters for strangers.

For we are strangers (but you), who are lost, look for hope, believe in love, and everything in between, and want to find a home.

Zoravar will make sure you find a home in the chaos.

Of all the humans in this world, deserve a home, a home to stay, to feel loved, to be loved.

He will make sure, his handwritten letters find you, and those words comfort you and make you realize even in this digital-lost world, there's peace, there's home.

He will wait for your message. To know you and send you letters of hope, and love and make you feel at home.

You're a message away. Instagram @whozoravar

Also, help strangers know that Zoravar exists, who are looking for letters of hope and love.

Share with the world. Follow Instagram @whozoravar and stay with him, because he also finds a home, with you'll.

14 Mar 2023

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