How and why Convert PST to MBOX file manually on Windows 11?

The conversion of data from one file format to another format is a complicated task for users. For example, MS Outlook uses PST file format which is not supported by other email clients. If users want to access Outlook PST file items into another email client, they need to convert PST file data to that supported file format. MBOX is a file format well supported by multiple email clients therefore users are moving towards MBOX file-supported applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, and others. And when users move from MS Outlook to MBOX-supported email clients, it arises the need to convert PST files to MBOX file format. Through this post, we will discuss how users can convert PST files into MBOX file formats.

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Convert PST file to MBOX file Manually Using Thunderbird application

Scenario: John uses MS Outlook at home and uses Thunderbird at his office. It was quite difficult for John to manage data on both applications. So, he decided to leave MS Outlook and chooses Thunderbird for future use. Now, he has to convert his Outlook PST emails into MBOX file format.

Solution: To convert Outlook emails into Thunderbird, the conversion of PST file into MBOX file format is required and there is no direct method available to do this conversion. You need to take the help of the Thunderbird email client. Here is the step wise guide to perform the conversion using Thunderbird.

  1. Firstly, in the search box of your Windows system, type Default App Settings and click on the search result.
  2. In the list of default applications, check if Outlook is the default application for email. If not, click on the email that is default and choose Outlook. This makes Outlook the default app.
  3. Now, open Thunderbird. Click on the Tools option and you will get a list of options, choose Import.
  4. Select the Radio button beside to Mail option and then click on Next.
  5. Select the Outlook radio button and click on Next. Once the required data is imported into Thunderbird, open Default App settings again. Make Thunderbird the default email program for the system.
  6. Open Thunderbird and you can easily locate folders containing Outlook data. Click on Tools, choose Import Export Tools, and select Export Folder (.zip). Also, choose a location for the file.
  7. Extract the .zip file and you will find MBOX files. Transfer these files to Windows or Mac system to open with any MBOX-supported email client.

Need a Quick solution? Go for a Professional Tool

As you can clearly see that manual technique for the conversion of Outlook file to MBOX file format can take a lot of time and can be risky. Therefore, professional solutions like WholeClear PST to MBOX Conversion Tool. This is a smart application for instant & safe conversion of any large Outlook PST file format into MBOX format. It can independently export PST data into MBOX file format keeping the same folder structure.

Steps to Convert PST file Into MBOX on Windows

  1. Download and Run the software to convert the Outlook file to the MBOX file.
  2. Use the Browse button and add the PST file.
  3. Select single or multiple MBOX files.
  4. Use the Browse button to add the location for saving MBOX files.
  5. Press the Convert Now button to commence the conversion task.

Find Some Notable Features of the Software

  • Every PST file is exported into MBOX file format.
  • Maintenance of original folder hierarchy
  • Installing Microsoft Outlook is not compulsory for the conversion
  • Supportive to both ANSI and Unicode PST files
  • Location for MBOX files is of user choice
  • Compatibility with all Windows versions – 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

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Final Thoughts

Outlook PST file conversion becomes necessary to MBOX format to access PST file data into Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other supported email clients. Therefore, through this post, we have explained easy solutions to convert PST files into MBOX file formats using manual and professional methods.

14 Sep 2023

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