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Lights are very important when it comes to decorating our home. We want it to be perfect. The right type of lighting will create a bright and positive environment in your house. This will affect your mood, productivity and overall balance. A dark and cold room will always be unwelcoming and dull. This shift of environment can be felt so easily. That is why getting the right is very important. The right type includes the light, functionality, aesthetics and size. Once you have these figured out, the lighting will look just perfect. 

The Classic Chandeliers

 When we think about chandeliers we all probably have the same picture in our minds. The traditional chandeliers are the ones which we have popularly seen in hotel lobbies or palaces. The branched out candelabras, the concentric circles in layers, use of glass or crystals are all the eye-catching features of a classic traditional chandelier. 

These types of chandeliers are also being used at homes. The grandeur it creates is being liked by the majority. You can use a smaller sized chandelier of the same style and hang it in areas which look empty. You can hang them in your living room or hang them above your dining table. They will make great centerpieces. 

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Contemporary Style

 These are very similar to ones we have seen in the traditional styles. They are a little less majestic compared to the classic chandeliers. They are a bit compact and not branched out. They are still majestic but they take up less space. These contemporary styled chandeliers also have glass or crystals within them. 

You can style these chandeliers similarly to the classic ones. You can hang them in your living or dining room. You can adjust the height according to the space. Make sure the chandeliers are proportionate to the space and your furniture. They are generally considered impractical for homes but can still be used very beautifully.

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07 Mar 2023

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