Do MBOX Files Contain Attachments?

MBOX (Mailbox) is a file format that contains all emails or all data of a configured profile in one file. It displays emails in rich text format. While it is widely known that MBOX files contain files, some are concerned or confused if MBOX files contain attachments. In this article we will give you the answer to that. So keep reading.

MBOX is one of the oldest file formats supported by many email clients such as Eudora and Apple Mail. An MBOX file can sometimes be used to backup and archive emails. 

Do MBOX Files contain Attachments?

Yes. MBOX files definitely contain attachments. Attachments are mainly associated with emails and when someone attaches files when sending, you receive them as well.

Now, while MBOX files are known to contain attachments, reading them is not a simple task. MBOX files can only be accessed if you open them with a compatible account or convert or back up them to portable file formats.

However, there is an alternative method through which you can open attachments whenever you want.

How to Find Attachments in MBOX Files?

MBOX Converter is the solution that allows you to simply find and open attachments in your MBOX files. It is a completely standalone tool and you do not need to have a compatible email account to open and read MBOX and the attachments inside it.

It can find attachments from any number of MBOX files within seconds. You can apply different filters such as file size and file type to find specific attachments. Moreover, it also allows you to extract attachments and save them to your preferred location. Try one of the tools and simplify the reading and extraction process of MBOX.

In Conclusion

Do MBOX files contain attachments? This blog attempts to solve this query. We have given you a suitable answer with the best solution to find attachments if they are present in MBOX file.

24 Oct 2023

do mbox contains attachments
find attachments in mbox

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