How do I export a mailbox from PST to Office 365?

In this article, we'll address the user question "How do I export a mailbox from PST to Office 365?" We work to address issues customers have while transferring databases from Outlook to the cloud server, Office 365. To extract PST files from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003, we offer a straightforward method. Any user may effortlessly switch their mailbox data from Outlook to Office 365 after reading this article.

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Outlook is a Microsoft email client that is highly liked by users and is presently used in virtually all organizations, regardless of size. Outlook stores mailbox contents in PST file format, including emails, contacts, calendar events, tasks, notes, and other information. Nevertheless, the market's present trend is driving up demand for cloud-based servers. Office 365 is regarded as one of the safest and most dependable platforms for file sharing among all cloud servers. However, not all users are aware of how to convert PST files into Office 365, so they are searching for a method of moving data to the Office server.

Factors That Because PST Files to Import to Office 365

The PST files that are exported to Office 365 are greatly influenced by a number of different elements. To get a general idea of them, take a look at the following points:

Accessibility: Anyone, anywhere, can access the Microsoft Office 365 server at any time. In comparison to traditional desktop email program, the cloud-based server offers a number of advantages. The database kept in Office 365 may be accessed without the internet and is simple to administer. The majority of consumers want to move to Office 365 because of this.

Data Security: Office 365 is the most secure network to transmit, receive, or store email files when compared to other email servers. There is no chance that the data might be lost once the database has been uploaded to Office 365. The files can be simply recovered if any data were to be lost.

Collaboration: Office 365 is the only program that works for you if you are working with a team. Each team member may use the same Office 365 version, thanks to the collaborative suite. The team member may participate in the project by altering the documents, spreadsheets, or presentations thanks to these functionalities. The adjustments and changes that have been made are visible to every other member.

How do I Manually Import PST into Exchange Online?

This approach may assist you in obtaining the desired outcomes if you're seeking a cost-free technique to import PST data into Office 365. To import PST files into Office 365, follow these steps:

  • Download the Import Tool and Protect Storage Key first.
  • The PST files from Outlook should then be copied to the hard disc.
  • Create a PST CSV file or import mapping after that.
  • Create a PST Import Job
  • Ship Hard Drive No.

Visit this link for a thorough PST to Office 365 manual solution.

Problems with the Manual Method

  • It is without a doubt a free approach to exporting, importing, and moving Outlook PST files in Office 365. However, the approach has certain drawbacks, namely:
  • Following a manual process for the import of PST files into Office 365 requires technical expertise.
  • The procedure is difficult and takes a long time. Therefore, batch PST files exported to Office 365 are not appropriate.

How to Import Outlook PST Files into Office 365 Directly

You may use a direct approach to the PST to Office 365 Converter rather than the time-consuming manual technique. The third-party WholeClear Outlook PST to Office 365 Converter tool is compatible with all versions of Windows, including 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, and XP. The tool saves customers important time by allowing them to export an unlimited number of PST files from Outlook to Office 365. Your question on how to export a mailbox from PST to Office 365 should be answered. It is developed with a variety of sophisticated features to ensure the efficient export of Outlook files into Office 365. For a risk-free migration of Outlook PST files and attachments to an Office 365 environment, try the demo edition of Outlook Export.

Email Migration is streamlined using the tool in just five Simple Steps.

  1. Launch the tool.
  2. Select your PST file.
  3. Enter Office 365 credentials,
  4. Choose mailbox items to migrate.
  5. Click on the "Convert" button to start the conversion process.


The WholeClear PST to Office 365 Converter Tool is a dependable and green solution for seamlessly migrating PST files to Office 365. With its person-friendly interface, it simplifies the migration technique, making it accessible to clients of all technical levels. The device guarantees record integrity, maintaining folder systems and electronic mail houses all through the conversion. Its pace and accuracy are commendable, allowing for quick and blunders-loose transfers. Additionally, the software offers more than a few advanced competencies, which include selective migration, bulk conversion, and the capability to handle large PST documents. Give up! Software is a top-notch desire for all of us looking for a trouble-unfastened and solid PST to Office 365 migration solution.

21 Sep 2023

migrating PST files to Office 365

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