IndAS 40: Investment Property (Revision Notes)

‘How to prepare for this subject of my CA Academia?'- This is one such question that I have been getting a lot on Quora since 2017.

I have written more than 855 answers as of today, and roughly 75% of the questions ask the same doubt.

In 2017, while I was in my CA Intermediate & Influencer things didn't exist, I uploaded my personal notes on the subject ITSM on a self created website, for Quorans to access, download, and use it for free. There were over 800 downloads, a few questions on Quora about my notes, a few answers about how much they liked the notes, and numerous messages on social media about how much they liked it.

All the love poured on me, combined with success stories, made me take a step further. I have decided to provide finance students with quick revision notes on Financial Reporting (IndAS), Taxation, Enterprise Information Systems, and Strategic Management.

I welcome you all to take a moment to go through this 5-minute REVISION visual I created for IndAS 40.

21 Jun 2022

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