How to incorporate a C-corporation in the State of California || US Corporate Law and Tax Compliance

Hey Everyone,

This is a demo video to showcase you how to incorporate a C-corporation in the State of California (USA). [Click on the Proof Button to the right of the headline for the video]

However, it is always advised to take a professional opinion and get following basic questions answered:

1. Which state is suitable for my business, based on certain factors such as, tax compliance, corporate compliance, employment laws, business licences, etc

2. Which type of entity is suitable for me: a C-corporation, S-corporation, LLC, General Partnership, LLP, LP, Disregarded Entity, Proprietorship, etc

3. There are certain other compliances, such as, drafting of bylaws, co-founder's agreement, minutes of meeting, filing of tax returns. Non-compliance can be very expensive, so ensure that you take all of this into account as well.


Every state in the USA has it's own law. Hence, the incorporation process is only similar but not same for every state. For example: some states require physical copy of incorporation document, different states have different incorporation charges and even different time limits for reservation of name.



28 Apr 2023

Company Incorporation
USA Corporate law

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