Step-by-Step Guide for Beginner Users to Convert EML to HTML

You've located the best resource if you're seeking for an easy approach to converting EML files to HTML format. We will investigate the easiest ways to convert EML to HTML in this post. You can easily view your email data on any device, whether you're a personal user or a business professional, by converting EML to HTML.

What's the purpose of HTML to EML conversion?

Microsoft developed the popular EML file format for Outlook Express and MS Outlook. It includes crucial email information such as sender and recipient information as well as the topic, date, and time. It can be difficult to view these files without an email client, even though several email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird, support EML. The ability to view your data easily on any device with a web browser is made possible in this situation by converting EML to HTML.

Performing a Manual Conversion:

Use the manual procedure, which entails renaming the EML file to MHT format, if you just have a small quantity of data to convert. These are the actions:

  • You can convert an EML file by right-clicking it.
  • Replace the ".eml" extension with ".mht" by choosing the "Rename" option.
  • If requested to modify the extension, choose "Yes."
  • Utilizing Internet Explorer, open the converted file.
  • In Internet Explorer, the MHT file will be visible.
  • Press "CTRL+S" while deciding where to store the file.
  • Click the "Save" button after choosing HTML as the file format.
  • Now, any web browser can be used to see the converted HTML file.

Note: Please be aware that this approach is appropriate for tiny data sets. Use specialized EML to HTML conversion software to save time and effort when converting bigger quantities of EML files.

Automatic Conversion with Third-Party Software:

For more extensive EML to HTML conversions, using third-party software like the DataVare EML to HTML Converter Software is highly recommended. This tool has a graphical user interface that Beginner Users can Convert EML Emails with Attachments to HTML without any hurdle. 

Here's how to perform the conversion using this tool:

  • Install the DataVare EML to HTML Converter Software on your Windows computer.
  • Browse the folder containing your EML files and preview emails along with their attributes.
  • Choose either specific emails or entire folders for conversion, then click the "Export" button.
  • Select the HTML format as your desired output.
  • Apply any advanced features or filters if needed, and then click "Export."

Key Features of DataVare EML to HTML Converter:

  • Provides a comprehensive preview of the software interface.
  • Preserves metadata attributes during conversion.
  • Offers specialized filters for precise conversion.
  • Option to save specific messages.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Windows OS.
  • No Need for another software to convert EML emails to HTML
  • Provide free demo versions to all users to convert some EML files to HTML

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In Conclusion,

While manual methods can be useful for small data sets, the best way to convert EML to HTML efficiently and overcome any limitations is by using dedicated EML-to-HTML conversion software. With features like advanced filtering, metadata preservation, and support for various file formats, these tools ensure a seamless and hassle-free conversion process. So, make your EML to HTML conversion effortless by choosing the right software for the job.

05 Oct 2023

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