How to Transfer File from Google Drive to OneDrive?

Migration from one platform to another is very common in today’s world. Likewise, many users want to transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive environment. If you are also one of them, this guide will give you amazing solutions to do this task quickly.

We all know there are numerous reasons why users want to move from one platform to another. And the reasons could be different for each user. Drives are the way to keep your personal and business data.

So, every user wants a secure solution that doesn’t affect any data when moving files from Google Drive to OneDrive; users do not need to worry as we will share simple and effective ways to process this task.

Approaches to move from Google Drive to OneDrive account

Users can process this migration task with the help of two solutions, manual and professional. We will share the complete procedure of both approaches to transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive environment. The manual solution will show how to use Google Takeout to process this migration task. Let us see the solutions to complete this migration task effectively.

Export Google Drive data to OneDrive using Google Takeout

In this section, we will learn the procedure to transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive data. Follow the below steps and complete this migration task effectively.

Step 1: Login into Google Takeout with your account and password.

Step 2: Check the Drive option, scroll down, and click the Next Step button.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 122107.png

Step3: Choose the Add to OneDrive option in the destination option.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 122214.png

Step 4: Select the frequency, file type & size.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 122246.png

Step 5: Finally, click the Link accounts and create export button.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 122309.png

That is the whole procedure of manually moving files from Google Drive to OneDrive. This solution can’t migrate Google Docs, sheets, etc., and it has some more limitations. So, we advise users to use a professional third-party tool to do this task.

How to process the Google Drive migration professionally?

To process the migration from Google Drive, users can use the Shoviv Google Drive Migration tool  for an effortless procedure. This software allows moving numerous files at once into OneDrive data. Users do not require technical skills to process this migration task using this professional tool. All users can easily transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive as this tool offers a user-friendly GUI.

It offers a filter facility that helps users select particular items to move into OneDrive. Moreover, the tool can move data from OneDrive to OneDrive, Google Drive to Google Drive, OneDrive to Google Drive, and migration from Local Drive.

Wrapping Up

We delivered two manual and professional solutions to transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive data. Ultimately, we guide users to choose Shoviv Cloud Drive Migrator to do this task securely. Users can also try the software by downloading its free demo version. Its free demo version is capable of migrating items less than 20 KB.

20 Sep 2023

Google Drive to OneDrive

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