How to Migrate Gmail to Office 365 Account

With the advancement in technology, people have changed their priorities, as it is needed. Gmail is one of the popular emailing platforms, and many users have used it for a very long time. Since the new emailing platform has been launched, most of the users are planning to shift all their data to a new platform. Most of the users are willing to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account for security purposes.


Office 365 offer better and more advanced security features as compared to other emailing platform. Therefore, it has grabbed many users' attention, and now users are eager to move their data to Microsoft 365. Microsoft is a big brand, and it has launched various product that has been very helpful for every user. Microsoft Excel, word, and PowerPoint are a few products launched by Microsoft, and most of the small, medium and large enterprises use it for their daily work.

Some interesting reasons to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account

Microsoft 365 is one of the top emailing clients that every user relies on to store their data. Users save all their day-to-day work in Office 365 and mostly all the business organisations. It is necessary for enterprises to keep a record of their data, and for that, they are supposed to rely on a better platform that guarantees them the security of their data. Thus, Microsoft 365 offers that security to every user, and that is the major reason why users want to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account. Check the below-cited reason for the same.

  • As compared to G Suite, office 365 offers better scalability as it is convenient for the entire business organisation to store their data. Users are comfortable with all the products of Microsoft, like Excel, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Office 365 offers better subscription plans that are affordable for all users who are using it for their data or professional work. Users can opt for the plan as per their requirements.
  • Office 365 is easily accessible to all users anytime, anywhere and through any device. So, one can access their data whenever they want, and to proceed with it, a Gmail to Office 365 migration process is needed.

Technique to proceed with the migration process

The procedure can begin with the manual method and the professional third-party tool. Users can select which method they want to opt to begin the task. However, it isn't easy to proceed with the manual method as it takes ample time to finish the task. Therefore, users must go with a professional third-party tool to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account. Both the procedure is available for the users and in the following paragraph. 

Gmail to Office 365 migration with manual method

To begin the manual method for the migration process, users are supposed to have vast technical knowledge. It requires many technicalities while proceeding with the migration process. Go through the steps to finish the task manually.

Stage 1- Domain verification

Users are supposed to verify their Gmail domain first before beginning the migration process.

Stage 2 - User creation in Microsoft 365

Here, users will be able to add single or multiple users at the same point. The users must create a mailbox and assign the license to every user. After that, users have to connect the Office 365 mailbox with Gmail so they can share the data.

Stage 3 – List preparation of Gmail users for Migration.

Once you have created the mailbox list, prepare the Gmail list for Migration. Users are required to make the Excel sheet and enter all the details that require migrating to Office 365. Users are supposed to add a password for every Gmail user; the normal password will not work for the user. 

  • Now log in to the G Suite admin and enter the admin credentials.
  • After you have logged in, you are supposed to visit the user section.

Stage 4 - Connect Microsoft 365 with Gmail

  • Open the Exchange admin centre.
  • After that, hit the Recipient option, then Migration, and hit the More Setting option.
  • After that, hit the migration endpoint and tap on the new + option for the new migration endpoint.
  • Now select the IMAP option from the migration endpoint option.
  • Now, enter the essential details on the IMAP migration configure page.

IMAP server

  • Now, you have to click on the Next button, and then the service will make the connection with Gmail. If the connection works, then the new page will know as “Enter general page information” will open.
  • Then, the users are supposed to enter the name of the migration endpoint.

Stage 5 – Create a migration batch

  • Visit Office 365 migration, hit admin centre, and click the Exchange option.
  • Now go to the recipient option and then Migration.
  • Hit the + icon and select the migrate to Exchange Office.
  • Now, hit the IMAP migration and click the Next option.
  • After that, users are supposed to select the users so that they can specify they are looking to migrate. It can happen by uploading the file that consists of the names of the user’s mailbox with the help of the browse option.
  • Once done, Microsoft 365 will verify the list that you have uploaded will, display the mailbox and then hit the Next option.
  • Now tap on the endpoint migration, and the window will appear. Then tap on the created list and hit the Next option.
  • Now, the configuration page IMAP migration will appear; hit the selected values and click on the Next button.
  • The move migration page will occur before you, and here, you have to name the Migration.
  • Start migration batch page will open; now choose the migration option and then start the Migration.

Migrate Gmail to Office 365 with a professional tool.

Users who are looking for instant results are asked to go with the professional third-party tool. Thus, to begin the task, we suggest users go with the Shoviv IMAP to Office 365 migration tool for the process. The utility is one of the popular utilities that will make the whole procedure very easygoing. It is available for the users 24/7, so one can run the task from anywhere, anytime and through any device.

  • It can easily migrate the data from all the IMAP that use these email clients (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo) to Office 365.
  • Users can add multiple mailboxes as there is no size limitation.
  • There is a filter option so that users can filter the data as per the requirement.
  • It is compatible with all the Windows operating systems.


If users wish to migrate Gmail to an Office 365 account, they can try the tool mentioned above for the process. A top-notch utility will complete the task immediately without taking much time. The software offers a free demo version so that users can check out the features of the utility in detail.

04 Oct 2023

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