Easy Way to Transfer G Suite Contacts to Office 365

It is difficult for users to transfer G Suite contacts to Office 365. Now, many users wish to share their mail contacts quickly. Office 365 has grabbed every user’s attention with its amazing security features. Many people are willing to switch their connection to Office 365, as it is a cloud-based service that provides many benefits to all users. 

Many small, medium, and large enterprises seek a better platform to migrate G Suite contacts to Microsoft 365. Although G Suite is a very popular emailing client, all users keep their data protected in G Suite. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s launch of Office 365 has become a boon for many organizations. In the following blog, we will share the reason behind migration and apart from that; we will share the professional tool. So go through the blog carefully.

Benefits to transfer G Suite contacts to Office 365

Many users are willing to proceed with the task and are worried about their data. However, a few users wonder why G Suite contacts must be transferred to Office 365. There are some reasons for the same that one should know before proceeding with the migration process. To know more about it go throw the below cited reasons.

  • Microsoft has launched various products like- MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, and now everyone finds themselves very comfortable with Office 365.
  • Office 365 is a universal platform that all users worldwide can access. Therefore, it will be beneficial for the users working from different places, as they can access their data anytime.
  • Microsoft 365 has remarkable subscription plans that users can buy at an affordable price. Most business organizations purchase subscriptions for their organization, which helps them keep a record of their data.
  • Switching an organization is common, and people shift from one organization to another. Thus, users who change their organization want a backup of their data, and therefore, they are suggested to migrate G Suite contact to Microsoft 365.

What are the different approaches to proceed with the task?

Users can commence the task with two methods: the manual methods and the professional third-party tool. Both forms are available, so users can opt for which way they are willing to opt for. Earlier, there was only one approach, i.e., the manual method, which takes much time to finish the task. Every science the professional tool is launched has become a boon for many users, especially the entire organization.

Manually, the procedure is challenging, and users must look for technical experts who can finish the task swiftly. The system needs technical knowledge, and users must wait hours to complete the job. Thus, we recommend users begin the process with a professional third-party tool. The approach will help the users to finish the task instantly without taking much time, as users want instant results, so they must go with professional means and then begin the job.

Why experts go for professional tool

Many tools are available for users, but some free tools are available online. Users are asked to go with the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 migration tool to begin the task. It is known to be a top-notch utility that will finish the whole job quickly. There are some unique features of the device we are displaying below.

  • The software will quickly migrate G Suite contacts to Microsoft 365 without taking much time.
  • Users can add multiple mailboxes to transfer their data, as there is no size restriction.
  • There is a filter option where users can filter the data based on date range and folder criteria.
  • The software maintains the folder hierarchy and data originality.
  • There is an option for users to migrate the G Suite mailbox to the Premise Exchange server.
  • Users can also set the failed item count limit.
  • Users can simultaneously run various other jobs, as it will not affect the speed of the process.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface that will finish the whole process.
  • Once the process is completed, the software will prepare a live report of the entire task so that users can go through every step.


All the users who want to transfer G Suite to Office 365 can use the above-cited tool. Users can also download the free demo version of the software to explore the tool’s features deeply

12 Sep 2023

Migrate G Suite Contacts to Office 365
G Suite to Office 365 Migration
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