How do I Export an Email from MBOX to PST on Mac?

Are you a Mac user who wants to transform MBOX files into PST for an official urgency? Wondering how do I export an email from MBOX to PST on Mac effortlessly? Looking for an exceptional technique to perform the conversion between MBOX and PST? If yes, then no need to go anywhere. Go through the write-up and you will find a solution which will help you to export an email from MBOX to PST on Mac with 100% accuracy. 

MBOX is a popular file type that many email applications support to save the list of emails and attachments of a particular email account. One of them is Apple Mail. MBOX file stores email messages as a plain text, typically in a concatenated form in a single file. Each message is separated by a special identifier. While it is widely recognized and supported format, it not as efficient as modern email client storage formats such as PST. 

PST stands for Personal Storage Table which is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other data items. The file format works as a local repository for an Outlook user’s account database. Moreover, users will be able to store their email messages, calendars, contacts, events, and other information offline on their system. However, one can even apply a password and protect their important files from malicious threat. 

Both PST and MBOX file formats are different and due to that, users will not be able to directly view MBOX file in Microsoft Outlook and vice versa. And sometimes, Mac users face a situation where they either moved to Windows with MBOX files or need to send some of them to Windows users. This can probably put them into a challenging situation. Because in order to view MBOX file data in Windows Outlook, one need to first perform the conversion of MBOX to PST. 

How do I Export an Email from MBOX to PST on Mac? – [SOLVED]     

The wise approach to export an email from MBOX to PST on Mac is MacMister MBOX to PST Converter Mac application. The remarkable solution which has the ability to easily convert unlimited MBOX files to PST on Mac at once. The tool has a simple GUI that professional and non-professional users can effortlessly use to convert MBOX to PST on Mac. Moreover, the application has just three operational steps which will benefit those who need to immediately access MBOX files into PST. 

MBOX to PST Mac Tool comes with many features and options with the help of users can convert MBOX files to PST according to their requirements. Also, a free demo of the app is available with the help of users can check the process to export an email from MBOX to PST on Mac for free. 

Working Steps to Export an Email from MBOX to PST on Mac 

Step 1. Download and run MacMister MBOX to PST Mac Tool on macOS. 

Step 2. Load necessary MBOX files/folders on the tool with the help of dual options i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. The Add File(s) button allows to add important MBOX files on the application for conversion whereas Add Folder enable users to add a folder with unlimited MBOX files on the tool for batch conversion. When done, press Next.

add MDaemon files

Step 3. The application will do the scanning of MBOX files and list them quickly with checkboxes on the software one by one. However, the checkbox is useful to export only selected MBOX emails to PST instead of exporting the entire MBOX files list. When done, press Next.

add MDaemon files

Step 4. Go with the Select Saving Options property and select PST format from the menu.


Step 5. Set PST options according to the requirements and start the conversion by clicking Export button. 

add MDaemon files

Step 6. The process will start and a Live Conversion Report will appear on the screen that displays the ongoing conversion status of MBOX files. 

add MDaemon files

The complete conversion will finish quickly with a message “Conversion Completed Successfully”. Click on OK button and then go to location of PST files to transfer them into Windows either using external drive or cloud medium.

After importing the same into Windows Outlook, you will see that the converted file is showing accurate content and the formatting properties are also precise. 


The blog has offered an incomparable method to smoothly resolve “how do I export an email from MBOX to PST on Mac?” MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac is a secure utility that makes sure to perform the conversion without an error and delivers accurate as well as desired output in a short span of time. The features are incredible that users can experience by downloading the free demo version of the software. Also, with the help of a free demo, users can export first 25 MBOX files to PST free of cost.

19 Oct 2023


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