How a User Split Excel into Multiple Files on Mac?

Is your Excel sheet giving you a hard time? Trying to open large Excel file but frequently failing to do so? Thinking about splitting the same into multiple smaller files? Wondering how a user split Excel into multiple files on Mac accurately? No worries, simply read the blog and you will come across a technique with the help you can effortlessly split Excel into multiple files on Mac with 100% precise output.

Microsoft Excel is a great tool to manage daily tasks. And so, several financial institutions, hospitals, schools, colleges, restaurants, and more make use of Microsoft Excel to handle large number of records which later saved in CSV format.

However, Microsoft Excel has multiple uses but it has some limits which gives a lot of trouble to users sometimes.

Excel has a total row limit of 1,048,576 and 16,384 columns per sheet. Therefore, users will be able to store data as per the specified limit. If the limit exceeds, then one need to face its repercussions later.

Thus, to prevent yourself from errors and data loss, it is recommended to split Excel into multiple files on Mac for easy data management.

How a User Split Excel into Multiple Files on Mac?

The quick and cost-effective technique to split Excel into multiple files on Mac is MacMister CSV Splitter for Mac application. An ultimate user-friendly solution which can be used by any user to split large Excel file into multiple files on Mac in a minimum time. Even, the operational steps are also minimum which will take the less time and energy of users, helping them to instantly split unlimited large Excel files into smaller files on Mac accurately.

Moreover, the software contains ample benefits which users can make use of to get the desired output. Also, a free demo version is present through which you can track the ongoing split progress of CSV files.

Working Steps to Split Excel into Multiple Files on Mac

Step 1. Download, launch, and run MacMister CSV Splitter on macOS. 


Step 2. Add important CSV files or CSV files folder on the software with the help of Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons and click Next.


Step 3. The list of CSV files will start to appear with checkboxes on the software pane. One can take help of a checkbox property for splitting Excel files, if required otherwise press Next and continue.


Step 4. Now, click on Browse button and set the location to save resultant split CSV files.


Step 5. Select Include Column Headers if you want to split CSV file by adding the column headers. 


Step 6. Specify the row count to split Excel file according to the specified no. of rows.


Step 7. Opt for the required CSV file encoding option and click on Split button.


Step 8. The split process will start and a window will appear displaying the ongoing split progress of Excel files.


The entire task will complete with a confirmation message i.e. “Split Process Completed Successfully”. Click on OK and go to location to check the resultant files. However, you will see that the Excel files are accurately split and the data is also precise.

What are the benefits of MacMister CSV Splitter Tool?

There are plentiful benefits of choosing MacMister CSV Splitter Tool and some of them are highlighted below -

  • Capable to batch split large Excel files into smaller files at once.
  • Dual options are available - Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons to add necessary Excel files and Excel files folder on the software for split.
  • Provides the freedom to save the resultant split Excel files at the desired destination path on Mac.
  • Keeps the database accurate and original throughout the process.
  • Offers Include Column Headers option to add column header in every split Excel file.
  • Allows to specify the row count to split large Excel file as per no. of rows specified. 
  • Different CSV File Encoding options are also present for required split process.
  • Split large Excel into multiple files on macOS Sonoma and all earlier versions.


The write-up has provided an advanced solution to split Excel into multiple files on Mac OS. The CSV Splitter Mac is a safe application which gives reliability and security to users. It has numerous powerful options with the help of users can split CSV into multiple files with header and rows within seconds. It has a trial edition which is useful in testing the entire split process for free. Also, one will be able to split 25 Excel files into smaller files free of cost on macOS.

05 Oct 2023

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