Em & ACI Digital data transmission platform

  • Launched a data transmission platform to connect 100+ freight forwarders (keeps growing by ~10%/month) with Canadian Customs House, tackled complicated information sharing pain points in global supply chain from 5+ paper documents, 1h+ filling, 7+ days mailing to 1 web page, 5mins filling & 20 minsreceipts, saved customers millions in late fees and an average of 4 work hours/week and surpassed the $1M quarter sales goal by 130%
  • Generated 3+ user personas by gathering 50+clients’ feedback, prioritized user stories by setting 5+ key metrics, and improved customer satisfaction rate from 83% to 95%by 30+ iterations (10% higher than the company average)
  • Collaborate with 8 cross-functional teams from product ideation to release by delivering roadmap, wireframes & PRDs
  • Transferred user stories into engineering-faced problems, and boosted customers acquisition & retention rate by 8%+ through dynamic Go-to-Marketing & sales strategy 

21 May 2021

global supply chain

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