How to Split One VCF File Into Multiple Files? – 5 Easy Steps

Hey, I am Stuart, I am searching for a query of how to split one VCF file into multiple files. Can anyone suggest an easy, accurate method to resolve it? As I face difficulty to share and maintain single file, wherein such a huge quantity of contacts saved. 

Do you need to split a VCF file into multiple VCF files? Users might find themselves in a situation wherein they have to split their large sized VCF into smaller parts. Like, when you have multiple contacts, it can be impossible to share one particular contact. Splitting VCF file enables to separate contacts. Here in this blog, I will share with one beneficial way i.e. CubexSoft vCard Splitter Tool that helps them to split VCF efficiently.

Let’s Know How to Split One VCF File into Multiple Files

Step1: Download, install vCard Converter

launch vCard Export

Step2: Open the software here you have two ways given to add files “Add Files” or “Add Folder”. 

add vcf files

Step3:  From added VCF files and folder, you can delete undesired files using “Remove” and “Remove All” options. 

selective vcard conversion

Step4: Now choose vCard Split option, and there are three sub options available to split contact file accordingly: 

  • Split by Number of Contacts: This option enable to split in a manner that there will be equal number of contacts in each output file. 
  • Split By Each Contact: To extract a specific contact for creating a single VCF file for each contact. 
  • Split VCF by Keyword: Users can split VCF according to a common keyword. 
choose saving file type

Step5: Choose desired saving path then press on “Export” button. 

live VCF files conversion progress

Best vCard Splitter Application 

Now let’s look at all the key elements of VCF Splitter Application 

VCF Splitter Tool is an expedient app to import split VCF files accordingly. There are dual options to load bulk data on a selective basis. It converts contact files’ editions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. This app takes only few seconds to split VCF files so effortlessly. It is very to use this tool that anyone can perform and understand such splitting task. Users have an option of choosing destination path accordingly. 

This software is independent from limitation on file size. All contact details of the file remain in the exact structure. All the contact fields can also be convertible with completer exactness like name detail, email address, phone number, etc. This app can load VCF contacts from platforms such as smartphones, computers, email clients, etc. 

Final Lines 

This VCF splitting utility opens in Windows Operating System such as Windows 11, 8, 8.1, XP, 7, and Vista, etc. You are also allowed to test this app by utilizing its free demo, which makes it possible to change 5 files for free of cost.

08 Nov 2023

how to split one vcf file into multiple files
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