Why Do We Need to Convert Excel to vCard File?

In current digital age, managing and sharing touch facts efficaciously is critical. Excel sheets are a commonplace manner to hold contact data, however with regards to sharing or the usage of the ones contacts on numerous gadgets and platforms, the vCard format is frequently favored. VCard files, additionally called VCF (Virtual Contact File), are broadly supported and may be effortlessly imported into e mail clients, smartphones, and different touch manipulate applications. This makes the conversion of Excel to vCard documents a not unusual necessity.

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Manual Solution to Convert Excel to vCard File

The manual method to changing Excel to vCard includes a chain of steps, which may be bulky and time-eating. Here's how you can do it:

  • Open the Excel record containing your touch facts.
  • Select the contact information you want to transform, normally in columns like Name, Phone Number, Email, and so on.
  • Copy the chosen records (Ctrl + C).
  • Open a textual content editor like Notepad.
  • Paste the copied records into the text editor (Ctrl + V).
  • Save the record with a .Vcf extension (e.G., contacts.Vcf).

You now have a vCard report, however you want to replicate those steps for each contact personally, making it impractical for big touch lists.

While the guide approach is possible for a small range of contacts, it becomes impractical even as handling massive lists. Thankfully, there can be a more green and automatic answer to be had.

Excel to vCard Converter Program – A Reliable Solution

To simplify the gadget and keep time, you can use a dedicated Excel to vCard converter device, together with the GainTools Address Book Manager software. This software streamlines the conversion approach, making it easy for users to transform their Excel touch lists into vCard layout quick.

Steps to Convert Excel to vCard File via Automated Solution

  • Download and installation the Excel to vCard Converter to your computer.
  • Launch the software program.
  • Click the "Browse" button to select the Excel record you want to transform.
  • The device will display a preview of the Excel contacts.
  • Choose the vacation spot folder in that you need to store the vCard documents.
  • Click the "Convert" button to provoke the conversion procedure.

The software will convert your Excel contacts into vCard documents correctly.

Key Features Of the Utility:

  • Batch Conversion: The software application permits you to transform a couple of Excel files into vCard layout in a unmarried move, making it fine for managing sizeable contact lists.
  • Mapping Fields: You can map Excel fields to vCard fields to ensure that your facts is correctly transferred.
  • File Naming Options: The device affords bendy naming options for the converted vCard files, allowing you to customize file names as in keeping with your alternatives.
  • Support for All Excel Versions: It works with Excel documents from all versions, making sure compatibility with diverse spreadsheets.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The man or woman-pleasant interface of the software makes the conversion system trouble-free for each beginners and specialists.


Converting Excel to vCard documents is a sensible solution for sharing and dealing with contact data throughout unique structures and gadgets. While the manual method is viable for small contact lists, it turns into time-eating for large databases. In such cases, the use of a reliable automatic answer much like the GainTools Excel to vCard Converter is the way to move. This device simplifies the conversion system, gives batch conversion abilities, and ensures correct records switch, in the end saving you time and effort. So, make the clever choice and pick an green Excel to vCard converter to streamline your contact management tasks.

01 Nov 2023

excel to vcard converter

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