Solutions for Mac Mail's "No Valid MBOX" Error

Greetings: MBOX files are used by Apple Mail, a popular email client on Mac OS X, to store email data. Even though a number of email programs support this format, problems like file corruption might arise from misuse or malware assaults. The "No Valid MBOX Files Were Found" error is one issue that customers encounter frequently. We'll look at the causes of this mistake in this post and offer remedies to assist users in fixing it.


The error message "No Valid MBOX Files Were Found" has the following causes:

Different Versions of the Mac Operating System:

File compatibility problems might cause users to run across this error while transferring MBOX files between Mac OS versions.

Take These Actions to Fix the Problem:

  • Make a mailbox backup.
  • On Mac OS, there are procedures you must follow to access the secret library folder.
  • Shut down the mail program.
  • Move messagerules.p List to a new place by copying it from the previous mail folder.
  • If messagerules.plist.backup is in the current folder, remove it.
  • Check the options and reopen the mail program to confirm the rules.
  • Import MBOX files by using a series of instructions.

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Transferring Files to External Devices from Apple Mail:

  • When attempting to access MBOX files straight from external storage devices, such as hard drives or pen drives, users can run into this issue.
  • Solution: Use the import procedures outlined in the MBOX error resolution section above to import.mbox files from external devices.

Getting into the Wrong Directories:

Users attempting to access the Mac mailbox from an improper directory can also encounter this issue.

Take These Actions to Fix this Error:

  • One directory-level backup is made.
  • Choose the /home/library/mail/mailboxes folder to access the mailboxes.
  • Select the MBOX file to import, then begin the import process.

Constraints with Manual Solutions:

Although the above-discussed manual techniques can assist in fixing the "No Valid MBOX Found" issue, they might not be effective in all situations. Manual processes might sometimes take a lot of time. Using this Softaken MBOX to PST Converter Program, which can quickly recover Mac Mail MBOX files into safe formats, is a more effective option for customers.

Last Thoughts,

In summary, we have examined the primary reasons behind the "Mac Mail: No Valid MBOX Files Were Found" problem and offered manual fixes for it in this post. However, given the drawbacks of manual approaches, it is best to use a hassle-free alternative for a precise and assured result.

03 Nov 2023

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