How to migrate Entourage into Outlook 2019 or 2016 for Mac [FIXED]

Switching to the Outlook platform from Entourage? It might be time-consuming to move your mailboxes from one email client to another. Particularly in light of all the challenges the conversion process presents. Now take into account all this complexity, as well as the enormous amount of time and human work needed to complete the processes. Quite a difficult circumstance! Additionally, certain gear is frequently needed for transfers, as well as specialized technical expertise. The same is true when transferring emails from Microsoft Entourage to Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, we have tested methods available that will make converting easy for you.

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Need to convert Entourage to Outlook PST?

In these rapidly evolving technological times, professionals save their data on email servers and the cloud. The desire to maintain the status quo may be a justification for switching platforms, which eventually results in data migration. Still, why make the transition to Outlook? After all, there is a vast selection of email programs available. Data security is the major justification. Outlook has stringent security measures to protect mailbox data. Advanced anti-spam filters, Exchange server compatibility, task management tools, and many more features are additional advantages.

The ability to store mailbox data in MBOX file format is now available in Entourage. Even though this format is one of the most widely used mailbox extensions, migrating to Outlook still presents a challenge. Why? Since Outlook uses the PST format exclusively. Therefore, MBOX to PST conversion is the only option if the user wants to keep their previous emails. Without it, compatibility issues might make it difficult for users to view email files.

User queries related to conversion

The issue of converting Entourage to Outlook is one that many users encounter. The most popular questions include: "I'm trying to convert.mbox to.pst, but I can't seem to find it anyway. Please help."

"I used to work on Thunderbird, but right now I'm using Outlook. How might I transfer my information from there without losing any?

"Would you kindly recommend some software for converting box files to different platforms?

Manual Remedies

The manual steps listed below can be used to convert Entourage to Outlook.

Procedures for Converting Entourage Files to Outlook

  • Export a file from Entourage in Entourage().
  • Open Entourage on your computer.
  • Select Export >> Items to an Entourage Archive from the File menu.
  • Choose the things you wish to export, and then click the right arrow.
  • Select no when asked if you want to delete things after exporting.
  • To export Entourage data, use the Save button right now.

Entourage import in Outlook 2011

  • Click File > Import in Outlook for Mac 2011 to import data.
  • Click Entourage Archive (.rge) to proceed.
  • Click the Import option after choosing the Entourage data file.
  • After the procedure is finished, click Done.

From Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2016, import the Entourage files.

  • Launch Outlook 2016 on your Mac.
  • Open the menu, then select Tools > Import.
  • Choose the Outlook 2011 files on this machine.
  • Keep going until the import procedure starts. Outlook 2011 will be used to import each item.


  • It takes a long time to complete the procedure.
  • Technical knowledge is needed to comprehend it.
  • If you have a lot of data, there is a danger that it will be lost.
  • In comparison to software, the failure rate is relatively significant.

There are many other alternative venues for conversion, yet some of these alternatives are harmful and deceptive. You need an efficient, user-friendly Entourage Mac MBOX to PST converter that delivers precise results. Many users find that having a suitable email client is essential.

Integrated Approach: MBOX Converter

The transfer of MBOX to other platforms, including Outlook PST, is simple with the help of the Softaken Entourage MBOX to Outlook PST converter. Users may easily switch from Entourage to Outlook with the help of this program.

The conversion of Entourage files to PST, EML, MSG, and HTML (with intact email attributes) is one of its primary features. Additionally, the program keeps the integrated structure of emails after PST conversion. One of its most notable characteristics is the ability to simultaneously support an unlimited number of Mac Entourage files. and this software supports all Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 version 

  • Install the application in your system
  • Add the file to export your contents.
  • Select the email client file location from your system and press 
  • Then preview the Entourage MBOX files that you need to convert
  • Browse a location to save the converted Entourage MBOX files
  • Finally, hit the “convert” button

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With the aid of third-party software that enables Mac Entourage to Outlook conversion quickly and efficiently to meet user needs, the entire problem of converting Entourage to Outlook may be easily resolved. As well as being longer, adopting a manual solution may not produce the correct results.


13 Sep 2023

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