How to Import PST to Office 365; Step-By-Step Explanation


Importing PST files into Office 365 may be an essential assignment for groups trying to centralize their statistics or migrate to the cloud. This technique involves moving email, contacts, and calendar items from Outlook PST files to Office 365. In this guide, we are able to explore the steps to import PST to Office 365, along with the motives for doing so and the to-be-answered answers.

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About File Format (Importing PST to Office 365):

PST, or Personal Storage Table, is a record layout utilized by Microsoft Outlook to keep email messages, calendar occasions, and different statistics. When you want to move these records into Office 365, it's vital to recognize the shape of PST documents and how they may be incorporated seamlessly with Office 365.


Several motives set off groups to import PST documents into Office 365. One of the primary motivations is fact centralization. By bringing PST statistics into Office 365, groups can make certain that their email and other vital facts are stored in a single, easily accessible location. This centralization simplifies data control and enhances collaboration among personnel.

Solution: Manuals and Their Drawbacks:

There are manual techniques to be had for importing PST documents into Office 365, but they arrive with certain drawbacks. The manual process is time-consuming and relates to several steps, including creating a network upload, configuring Azure AzCopy, and mapping PST documents to consumer mailboxes. Moreover, it requires technical knowledge, making it less personable for non-technical personnel.

Automated PST to Office 365 Importer Software:

To triumph over the restrictions of guide techniques, groups can flip to automatic answers, just like the Softaken Outlook PST to Office 365 Importer Software. This software program offers a consumer-pleasant and efficient way to import PST documents into Office 365. It offers a demo model that lets customers convert the first 50 emails for free.


  • Effortless Migration: The device ensures a problem-free transfer of PST statistics to Office 365.
  • Bulk Import: Save time by uploading a couple of PST files in a single file.
  • Secure Data Transfer: Your information's protection is a concern; software programs guarantee safe migration.
  • Selective Migration: Choose precise folders or objects for migration, providing you with the ability to manipulate them.
  • Mapping Options: Easily map PST folders to corresponding Office 365 mailboxes.
  • No File Size Limit: Import large PST documents without worrying about size restrictions.
  • Folder Hierarchy Preservation: Maintain the shape of your folders in the course of migration.
  • Preview Option: Review facts earlier than migration to ensure accuracy.
  • Incremental Migration: Only migrate new or changed information for faster transfers.
  • 24/7 Support: software gives spherical-the-clock help for any migration queries.


Importing PST documents into Office 365 is an important step for corporations trying to improve statistics management and collaboration. While manual methods exist, they have their drawbacks in terms of complexity and time consumption. Automated solutions, just like the Softaken PST to Office 365 Importer Software, provide a more accessible and green way to gain this assignment, making sure a smooth transition of information into Office 365 and, in the end, reaping benefits for the organization’s productivity and statistics centralization efforts.

19 Sep 2023

Outlook PST to Office 365 Importer Software

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