How to Convert Outlook Express Mails into Outlook PST file

How to Convert Outlook Express Mails into Outlook PST file

Regarding options, there are several available for converting DBX to PST. There are two techniques to check whether DBX files were successfully converted to Outlook PST format. Users may easily and quickly follow the conversion of DBX files to Outlook PST format by using our powerful DBX to PST Converter software. Furthermore, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express are the two most used email clients. We'll go over every step of automating and manually converting DBX files to Outlook PST format.

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How to Convert DBX to PST File Format?

Let's start by talking about the reasons why people convert DBX to PST.

There are several situations when it may be necessary to convert DBX files to PST. Here are a few of them:

  • The Outlook Express DBX file is not instantly available in Outlook, which is one reason why DBX files must be converted to PST format. 
  • Microsoft no longer supports and no longer maintains Outlook Express. A PST file is the only permitted file type for accessing mailbox data in Outlook. 
  • MS Outlook has several complex features that are not available in Outlook Express, including Calendar, Journal, Tasks, and much more.
  • Both an incoming and an outbound email filter are available in MS Outlook. Only Outlook Express users may filter incoming email messages. 
  • Outlook Express is frequently used by home users. 

The Manual Method

Before you begin manually converting email messages from DBX to PST, make sure Windows Live Mail is set up on your machine. On Windows Vista, the program is immediately available. Windows users may also easily download the Windows Live Mail application online. The manual conversion of DBX files to Outlook PST format is described below;Start Microsoft Outlook on your computer after making sure the Outlook tool is off.

  • Select Import from the File option in the taskbar's Open section.
  • Select Import Internet Mail and addresses from the Import and Uninstall Wizard choices. 
  • Next, click the next button to proceed.
  • Choose the Outlook Express option from the list to open the Outlook Import Inbox dialogue box. Make sure you also tick the boxes next to you that say "Submit Mail" and/or "Address Entry." 
  • To carry on, click the next button.
  • A dialogue box for the import address dialogue box will display if the "Import Address Book" option is chosen. After that, you can select any option from the following list:
  • Change imported items for duplicates in step eight. Permit creating duplicates. Reimporting the same thing is not advised.
  • Step 9: To complete the procedure, click Finish.

Need a solution to convert DBX file into PST format

If the manual methods mentioned above weren't sufficient for your needs. Considering that they don't provide you with sufficient results. Finding a program that can swiftly convert an Outlook Express DBX file to an Outlook PST file is the next step. Because it is one of the easiest and most useful ways to convert DBX files to PST format, I suggest utilizing the Softaken DBX to Outlook PST Converter program. Many customers looked for the perfect method to switch from Outlook Express to Outlook versions and convert DBX to PST format but were unsuccessful. This tool makes it straightforward to export DBX files in the brand-new PST format for Outlook files. The steps to use this advanced program to convert DBX files to PST format are as follows:

Step 1- Download and install application

Step 2- Now; Choose the DBX files you want to convert to PST file format

Step 3 - Preview those files

Step 4- Add storage space for migrated Outlook Express DBX files

Step 5- click the "Convert Now" button.


For straightforward DBX file conversion, try out our state-of-the-art DBX to PST Converter program. Anyone looking to convert their DBX files to PST format has the easiest option thanks to the program's ease of use. Users must download the trial version of the program.

15 Sep 2023

Convert Outlook Express Mails into Outlook PST

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