How to Convert OST to PDF Adobe without Microsoft Outlook

We'll talk about the best way to convert OST to PDF in this article. Simply utilizing the Softaken OST to PDF Converter will accomplish this. This freeware transforms Outlook OST files to PDFs with ease, making it simple to view and print them.

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There may be various methods for converting OST to PDF without Microsoft Outlook, but the program described in this post is the best and most dependable one. Users may even inquire as to why they should convert OST to PDF. Rest certain that once you've read this, you'll understand why and how to convert OST to PDF. So let's get started without further ado.

What is an OST?

Offline Outlook Data, or OST, is a file type that Microsoft Outlook uses to save information for synchronization with the Exchange server. It retains important data and makes it easier to retrieve both online and offline. The fact that you can edit the data in an OST file without an internet connection is noteworthy. Any modifications made inside of MS Outlook will automatically sync with the OST file. It's vital to remember that OST files only work with the Exchange server and are only ever compatible with it.

Reasons to Convert OST to PDF

Users may occasionally need to access critical Outlook data without an internet connection or after setting up Outlook. To deal with this situation, one can just convert OST files to PDF format, making it simple to access them in the future with another program that handles various file types. One of the most popular file types in use today is PDF. Adobe produced the PDF format.

Here are a few justifications for considering OST file exportation to PDF:

Lightweight: Portable PDF files are simple to transport from one place to another.

Password Protection: To prevent unauthorized access, PDF files have a security feature that requires authorization to open.

Platform Compatibility: Regardless of the operating system, PDF files can be read on a variety of platforms, including computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Easy Printing: A4-sized PDFs may be printed without difficulty on sheets using the default printer settings.

Automated Way to Change OST to PDF

With zero data loss and a 100% accuracy rate, the Softaken OST to PDF Converter Software stands out as the best-performing and most powerful tool for converting OST to PDF files. With the help of this functional software, you may convert OST files to a number of different file formats, such as MBOX, PST, JSON, and more, in addition to PDF. The ability to export OST items like emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks to over 15 different web and cloud-based email clients is another example of this software's impressive competency. There are several incredible built-in features in this software. Among these characteristics are:

OST elements can be saved as pictures or document files with the OST Converter.

  • It has options for selecting folders and previewing specific information.
  • Throughout the conversion, the correct folder hierarchy is maintained.
  • You can convert emails without attachments and remove duplicate emails.
  • You can convert only certain emails using the mail filter and a date range.
  • All significant Windows versions, including Windows 11, are compatible with it.
  • The first few emails per folder can be exported using the free OST to PDF Converter Tool.
  • The software's user interface is engaging and simple. Because of this, utilizing the program to convert OST to PDF is simple and hassle-free. 

The following are the steps:

  • Launch the OST to PDF Converter after downloading it and giving it administrative rights.
  • Single File and Multiple Files/Folder. Choose the best option for you, and then click Browse.
  • Search for and add the OST files from your computer in the pop-up box, then click Open.
  • Please select next. Select the files or folder from the tree structure format, and then click next.
  • Pick PDF as the saving format.
  • Select the features, and then click Convert.

Even a non-technical individual can implement the aforementioned steps. The ease of use and practicality of the OST to PDF Converter makes it ideal for converting OST to PDF. Additionally, users can evaluate the tool's performance by utilizing the free demo version. To fully benefit from the tool, it is advised to purchase the software.


We think you have learned a significant amount after reading this post. It's time to conclude this article now. But first, let's review everything we've covered before parting ways.

First, we looked at what OST is and why it's important. The main justifications for converting OST to PDF were then highlighted. Last but not least, we showed you professional software for converting OST to PDF, a great utility. We talked about several options you can use during the conversion process and offered straightforward steps.

25 Sep 2023

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